Trauma Pad

Trauma Pad

This pad has been made to transform and delete old traumatic informations, that are not needed any more for our lifes path. This includes old traumatic informations that came with our ancestors, during the time of pregnancy and development as a baby and child up until the age of 12 years.

The treatment with the pad works in a subtle, soft and yet powerful way. No retraumatization is happening. Because old disturbing and blocking information is leaving the system, the body can deeply relax.

Integration may take a few days, where a cleansing is happening and new pathways for information and energies are formed. Make sure to drink enough good quality water.

• How to use:

Lie down on the back, place the pad on each of the 7 chakras of the body-system, starting with the base chakra. For the first time no longer than 5 minutes each chakra. For the crown chakra it is better to sit up with a straight back and place the pad on top of the head.

If you are sensitive to subtle energies you can feel a soft and relaxing energy flow going through the area where the pad is placed, maybe you feel it even through the whole body.

After some days of integrating the new informations and the enlarged energy field you can do the same process with your back side. You lie down on your back and place the pad underneath your body, where about the back area of each Chakra is located. For the crown chakra it is again better to sit up with a straight back.

After one or two weeks, when this integration has been completed, you can do the full process now on the front and back for 10 minutes. After that your system has reached again permanently a new quality of energy and information.

Depending on the individual situation, sensitivity and openness of the person, the energy-field will be enlarged many times permanently. The possibility for access to new information on all levels is enhanced.

• Specific use in case of an acute traumatic event:

Lie down and place the pad on the body, where you feel the strongest activation through the Trauma/the emotions that come up.

Bring a soft, loving attention to the area. Breathe in a conscious and calm way. Stay like this, until you feel stabilized.

The pad will support you with transformation of the traumatic event on a cellular and informational level.

The Trauma Pad is never meant to be a substitute for professional help like a doctor or trauma-therapist. It is meant as a new way of support for the client and the professional as well.

This Pad comes in 3 sizes. With each bigger size, the strength is doubled:
14x14 cm for 50 Euro, 21x21 cm for 70 Euro and 29x29 cm for 90 Euro

To place an order contact Hendrik Althaus :

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Please keep them away from long exposure of direct sunlight.

This pad is a highly advanced tool to support a positive and healthy life.
It works through a programming with the devine source.
All necessary information and subtle energies are drawn from there.

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