A step by step research to find the underlying reasons why crystals feel energetic...

Crystal energies and frequencies, where do they come from?

Nickeloan Adamite - A rare crystal found in the KM-3 mine

Glaukosphaerite - A rare crystal found in the KM-3 mine

That's me doing research in the KM-3 mine in Lavrion, Attika district in Greece. Here you can find some of the most powerful crystals on earth, among other Penfieldite, Annabergite and Adamite crystals.

Gaspeite (yellow) with green Annabergite from the KM-3 mine.

So let's do some research on the spot and find out what makes these specific crystals so energetic - is it all just a hoax - is there some real scientific truth to it?

To answer this question lets take a look at the 4 most energetic and powerful crystals on earth:

Penfieldite (the single most powerful crystal on the planet)




For those who can feel, there is no question about it, these are powerful crystals that makes your whole body vibrate and jump-starts the kundalini. But why?
There is no measurable electric or magnetic field surrounding it and there is also no radiation emanating from it. So what kind of energy are we talking about.
There is a similar discussion going on about reiki, Tai chi or for that matter any other energy that is being used for healing or kundalini support. There is nothing that can be measured or observed by scientific means - only the after effects such as Kirlian photography or very weak magnetic pulses.

Kirlian photo of crystal

It seems it works on a complete different set of rules. Like a vacuum that effects the air surrounding it, the vacuum itself cannot be measured, only its after effect on the surrounding. Similar to the vacuum is the energy of crystals, by itself it is nothing but it effects its surrounding. To speak of frequencies and high versus low energy is technically incorrect. Only the aftermath or reaction of the vacuum (crystal energy) on its surrounding can be said to have a frequency and power. In the case of power take the following analogy: The larger the vacuum the more power it has (the ability to move matter / energy over a certain distance) - same with crystal energy, the larger the crystal the more power it has. But power over what? - On the human energy system.

Through the human body there is an energy flow called prana (sexual energy is an example of this). In the enlightened person the prana goes vertical, up and down and makes a big sphere in the centre around the hart:

But in the unenlightened person it flows horizontal and is stuck in many places:

So the crystal like a vacuum pulls on stuck energy (call it karma, energetic blockages or emotional garbage, all the same) inside and around the body, trying to make the system go back to normal - a vertical uninterrupted flow. The amount of force pulling or pushing against these blockages trying to make them move is the actual power that a crystal has.

Now to explain the frequency we have to recognise that everything has a frequency, be it sound, sight, temperature or for that matter any movement in space. Energetic blockages have a frequency as well and when energetically touching them such as with reiki or with crystals you will start to feel them. Emotions are nothing but energetic frequencies that react upon contacting them. Now what is the connection of a crystal to the energetic blockages? well it seems to be a type of quantum coherence that takes place. Take a look at the graph below showing the frequency and the relationship with the state of being:

A crystal just like a guitar string also has a specific resonance frequency (sometimes multiple) and if that resonance frequency is fear for example, it will try to make the blockage that is causing the fear to come alive so that it can be removed. Now the higher the frequency of a crystal the more advanced and deeper it can do the cleansing. For example a problem is a stuck energy made up of wanting something and the outside world does not want it. The more you force it, the more resistance from the outside you get and the bigger the problem becomes. Crystals that heal on the lower frequencies help eradicate the stuck energy of the problem but the high frequency crystals actually go directly to the source of the problem - the creator of it, in other words YOU. As the latter is the source of the problem, getting rid of that will dissolve the whole problem directly instead of slowly dissolving the stuck energy. That is the source of all charge, karma, emotions, pain you name it below it. There is always a YOU that has the problem, that has the emotions etc.
Now phenakite is doing exactly that, it goes to the source of all charge - YOU and starts to dissolve the you! This is the real starting point for the spiritual seeker. It will awaken the kundalini and kill the ego slowly but swiftly.

Only a few crystals have this ability and frequency and phenakite is the most famous of them all. Heaven and earth jewelry made this crystal famous.

So lets go back to the first question, why is Penfieldite, Cahnite, Willhendersonite and Phenakite so powerful and high in frequency. Lets start out with Phenakite as this is easily obtainable and relatively easy to do research on.

Phenakite is made out of the following chemicals: Be2SiO4 (Beryllium, Silicon and Oxygen). Now it seems that many crystals that are powerful have either Beryllium or Aluminum connected to Silicon and Oxygen. So let's have a look at some minerals that actually have both Aluminium and Beryllium connected to Silicon and Oxygen:

Minerals containing at least Aluminium Al, Beryllium Be, Silicon Si and Oxygen O:


Beryl (aquamarine)








If you are sensitive enough you might feel them already from the images above as all of them are quite strong in energy, especially Milarite, but not as strong as Phenakite. Penfieldite,
Cahnite and Willhendersonite. This means there is more to the story than just its composition. So the next step is its structure:

Phenakite has a Trigonal Rhombohedral structure:

Some other samples of minerals that have a Trigonal Rhombohedral structure:




Dioptase (blue)



Willemite (with white and yellow dolomite, same structure)





Again very strong, especially Ferrinatrite but not all of them are powerful such as dolomite. So again there is more to the story than just its structure but we are getting closer.

Now Phenakite Be2(SiO4) belongs to the phenakite group that has 2 other crystals being Willemite Zn2(SiO4) and Eucryptite LiAl(SiO4) that are all very similar - see below.

(family of phenakite. The Phenakite group consists of 3 types of crystals, being phenakite, Willemite and the rare Eucryptite. Phenakite is the strongest in this group)

Willemite (Botryoidal Blue)

Willemite clear

Troostite (brown Willemite)

Eucryptite (a very rare Lithium crystal also belonging to the phenakite group)

The Phenakite group is a nesosilicate that is often referred to as the island silicate group, meaning that the silicate Tetrahedrons (see image below) are not shared with other tetrahedrons
like Sorosilicates, Cyclosilicates, Inosilicates, Phyllosilicates and Tectosilicates. Instead the oxygens are shared with octahedral groups (2 pyramids on top of each other, see image below).
So basically you have billions of isolated tetrahedrons shared with pyramids - very powerful. Dr. Flanagan has done lots of research on the subject of pyramid power and using a technique
called Kirlian photography to show the energy of these structures (see image below).

Tetrahedron (Silicate - SiO4)


Dr. Pat Flanagan has done some very interesting research on the subject of pyramid power among other showing what happens when you use many pyramids on a grit.


Peridot is another good example of a nesosilicate: Mg2(SiO4).

Hausmannite crystals - as you can see they are build from thousands of small pyramids (dipyramids) in one single cluster,
giving hausmannite a very nice energetic touch.

Alunite crystal

Great pyramid of Egypt

It makes one wonder if the pyramid structures in Egypt are not just a copy of what is found in nature...

But it does not explain Penfieldite, Cahnite and Willhendersonite. Also Willemite is not as powerful as phenakite even though the structure is almost the same and we have seen
already above that Beryllium is not the answer to the riddle.

Penfieldite and Cahnite are not even silicates, however they do have something else unique in common that makes them very interesting. They all belong to very rare crystal systems,
families and lattice systems. The same counts for Wardite and Kamphaugite-Y also belonging to the top 10.

To understand and see more examples of the different crystal systems, families and lattice systems, have a look at this page: CRYSTAL CLASSES.

So the crystal system and class and chemical composition alone do not answer the question why some crystals are powerful and high in frequency.

So we have to look deeper.

What about the combination of the unique crystal system and classes with it's chemical geometry inside this structure?

Phenakite structure

Willemite structure

Here something very interesting shows up, the silicate tetrahedron structure actually form the petals of a flower of life structure and in the case of phenakite
this symmetry is much more profound then with Willemite.

Flower of Life

Now this flower of life has been around for ages and not only in one location and seems to be a source or blueprint for energy.

Egypt (3000 year old drawing)



However many crystals have a flower of life structure so what makes each of them so unique in energy?

Well it seems to have something to do with the geometry inside the flower of life.

This became very apparent with a crystal called Anglesite. Clear Anglesite was doing almost nothing energetically while yellow Anglesite was making all the difference.

Clear Anglesite

Yellow Anglesite

The only difference between yellow and clear Anglesite was the sulphur that is included in the yellow Anglesite. Now what makes this so interesting is that sulphur
makes a perfect merkaba structure inside the flower of life while the clear anglesite lacks the merkaba and hence lacks the energy...

Anglesite structure with sulphur creating a merkaba inside a flower of life.

Merkaba structure inside a flower of life

This would indicate that the different sacred geometries inside and around a flower of life structure create the different frequencies for a crystal and the flower of life magnifies them -
giving them power . Compare it to a magnifying glass. The bigger and more symmetric and clear the magnifying glass, the better and stronger it can bundle (light) frequencies, but the
magnifying glass does not contain frequencies, only the power to bundle them. Same for the flower of life structure - it is like a magnifying glass, magnifying the sacred
geometries inside and around the flower of life.

Here are some observations on the silicates (Silicates are Silicon atoms attached to 4 oxygen atoms - SiO4):


Nesosilicates like Phenakite is a strange one. Some can be programmed and others not. Doing more research it was clearly found that only the nesosilicates that form a flower of life can be programmed and are powerful, the others not.


Sorosilicates like Hemimorphite cannot be programmed and there is no real flower of life structure that is able to magnify the energies. Even though they cannot be programmed, some of them do feel high in frequency.


Tectosilicates like quartz is a strange one. Some can be programmed like quartz and others not like meionite. It all depends on if the tectosilicates form a flower of life or not.


Cyclosilicates like Tourmaline can be programmed a little. This forms a rather chaotic flower of life.

Single chain inosilicate

Single chain inosilicate like diopside are also programmable but less powerful then Double chain Inosilicates. It is like half a flower of life.

Double chain Inosilicate

Double chain Inosilicates like tremolite and nephrite are one of the best programmable crystals on earth. These are not the highest in frequency crystals because they lack frequency, however if you add programs in them, they are extremely powerful because of their symmetric flower of life
inosilicate structure.


Phyllosilicates like muscovite cannot be programmed and there is no real flower of life structure that is able to magnify the energies.

Looking at this, one can clearly see that the closer the structure resembles a flower of life, the more potential it has to magnify the sacred geometry inside and
around the flower of life and link potential energy sources (like a person or area) to the crystal so that it emits these as well (programming a crystal)

Now lets look at a non-silicate crystal that is superior in holding programmable energies and see if the same logic applies here:

On number 34 of the top 100 below there is a magical crystal called Apatite. It seems out of the 3000 unique crystals that I have tested so far, apatite is the best crystal to permanently
hold programmable energies when size and price are taken into account. If price is of no concern then Nastrophite is the best, followed by strengite, wardite and herderite.

After looking for the reason why this might be I ended up with the research of Professor Matthew P.A. Fisher from Santa Barbara. It seems phosphate,
apatite's main building block, does not suffer from the quantum decoherence that normally occurs when temperatures raise and environmental influences increase. This means phosphate might
produce quantum effects at room temperature and this would explain much better why spiritual energies would remain inside these crystals permanently while other crystals do not.
Meaning the person who programs / energizes the apatite is also permanently linked to that crystal like being quantum entangled with it.

So even though apatite is placed as number 34 in the top 100 list, when you program the most powerful crystal energies in apatite, Apatite will be number 1 in the list.

Apatite structure

Apatite structure simplified

Looking more into the quantum entanglement possibilities with phosphate minerals I found that without any exception, all the phosphate minerals
are very well programmable. Looking at the reason why apatite is among the best of the phosphate crystals I ended up with the flower of life again.


The structure of phospate - a tetrahedral - and apatite ( Ca5(PO4)3 ) it was clearly seen that Ca5 (5 calcium atoms)
connected to phosphate created the perfect flower of life. The other options like 1, 2, 3 or 4 calcium atoms did not:

So what makes the flower of life work so well with quantum states?

Well that research brought me to Nima Arkani-Hamed and Jaroslav Trnka research.


They introduced a structure that would simplify the particle interactions in some quantum field theories and named it Amplituhedron.

"Amplituhedron theory challenges the notion that space-time locality and unitarity are necessary components of a model of particle interactions.
Instead, they are treated as properties that emerge from an underlying (unknown) phenomenon.

In other words, they found an underlying fundamental structure that guides all interactions in the universe and would explain energy, frequency and
movement in a complete different way. This underlying structure, called an Amplituhedron, is matching a flower of life structure - now how amazing is that !

So it seems the flower of life is not just a nice idea that shows how some crystals grow, but actually go way deeper into the underlying foundation of the universe
itself - like a divine blueprint.

Looking at the most powerful crystal in the top 100, Penfieldite, this suddenly makes sense why:

General structure of penfieldite

Centerpiece enlarged


Now how amazing is that...

Now take a look at the 2C molecule (the basic psychedelic substance structure). It always contains a benzene molecule with similar connections to it:

My conclusion after finding this is that all the powerful crystals also have a benzene type molecule in their structure, just like all the psychedelics have
(like the 2C psychedelic group or LSD, DMT, ibogaine etc.)
Psychedelics have their effect on the nervous system and feels like energy and frequency. So if a crystal comes into contact with the nervous system it will mimic these energies.


Modern methods have also been used to combine the flower of life structure (benzene molecule) with many other geometric structures to create healing and spiritual energies such as
Tachyon, Dominus cervix, Biogenesis, Biotac, Albat, Ascension etc. and is put in glass or metal products. It seems that this symbol is their source of power and frequency.
The secret is the combination of the right geometry such as pyramids, merkaba's, tetrahedron's fruit of life symbol etc. inside and around the flower of life that
determines the exact resonance frequency with the human energetic system (keep in mind that the human body is also acting and reacting like a crystal structure).

If you look at the souldrops it contains the energy of the psychedelics but not the molecule anymore - but the energy remains in the water !

Phenakite has one of the most matching geometric structures compared to the psychedelics. It has billions of isolated tetrahedrons and double pyramids
in an almost perfect flower of life structure. That is what makes phenakite so powerful.

Penfieldite, Cahnite, Willhendersonite and Wardite have very rare geometry inside a flower of life only found in a few places on earth and that is what makes
them so powerful - their unique frequencies. Quartz on the other hand is all around you so those geometric frequencies you are quite familiar with already
and will not have such an impact anymore but because it has the main benzene type structure you can really easily program quartz to hold energies.

When the combination of geometry inside and around the flower of life matches a specific high resonance frequency (matches a psychedelic structure) such as in the case of phenakite,
it will never loose that frequency and you never need to recharge, clean or reprogram that crystal. You can find a list of crystal pictures below with the label very strong
that have a similar geometric alignment that makes them also never loose their high frequency. You can clearly sense this when wearing them as other
crystals in time all feel energetically polluted (like a vacuum that is filled with air) and you need to make them empty again
(called energetically cleansing the crystals). But not with Phenakite and a few others as there is nothing you need to do, it keeps itself clean and clear.

Another interesting point is that Phenakite and Herderite - 2 types that never needs cleansing, are both fluorescent in the X-ray band.
I need to do more research on this to find out how many crystals from the list below are X-ray fluorescent but from what I know there are very
few crystals that have this property as well. This research will be continued in the future...

Talk about light, if you want to conduct your own research or you already have a collection yourself, make sure you keep an eye out for the crystals below.
They are all light sensitive (some moisture sensitive) and loose their beautiful colors in sunlight so place them in the dark.

Crystals that fade or break or darken when exposed to direct sunlight or high humidity :

Amethyst (very slowly due to IR and heat) Creedite (purple creedites are VERY light sensitive) Kyanite (fades) Quartz (some fade see info below)
Amazonite (fades slowly) Crocoite (darkens fast) Lepidolite (purple to gray) Realgar (breaks and turns into yellow pararealgar - only in green light)
Anglesite (brown fades) Cuprite (darkens slowly, Cu liberated) Lorandite (darkens) Rutile (pale to darker)
Anhydrite (blue fades) Diamond (yellow to green; red to pink) Marcasite (w/ high humidity - can speed up oxidation) Scapolite (violet to colorless)
Apatite (pink fades) Djurelite (from Ireland fades) Morgonite (fades into paler pink, but remains pink) Selenite (pink fades)
Aquamarine (Fe colored (natural) is stable, irradiated unstable and will fade) Dolomite (pink only - fades) Metatyuyamunite (yellow to green) Topaz (some fades, see info below)
Aragonite (all colors fade) Fayalite (green to blue) Miargyrite (fades) Spinel (red darkens slowly)
Argentite (fades) Fluorite (fades - see info below) Miersite (darkens, Ag liberated) Stephanite (fades)
Aurivilliusite (fades) Hackmanite (red to green, blue, or colorless) Mosesite (yellow to green) Tetrahedrite (fades)
Barite (blue to darker and yellow/brown to green/blue and white Hartsel barite into blue and white moscona mine barite into blue) Halite (blue or yellow may change) Nepheline (pink to colorless) Topaz (some fade, see info below)
Brazilianite (fades slowly) Haüyne (blue pales) Orpiment (breaks really fast) Tourmaline (some pink, red will fade)
Bromargyrite (darkens, Ag liberated) Hisingerite (red to brown) Pabstite (pink to colorless) Tugtupite (fades really fast)
Celestine (fades slowly) Hiddenite (fades) Phenakite (red to pink slowly and yellow from Mt Antero fades really fast and orange/brown from Ural fades really fast) Tuperssuatsiaite (can turn green)
Chlorargyrite (gray to violet-brown, Ag liberated) Galkhaite (darkens) Proustite (darkens really fast) Turquoise (fades)
Cinnabar (darkens) Ianthinite (purple to greenish yellow) Pyrostilpnite (darkens very slowly) Vanadinite (darkens slowly)
Coquimbite (w/ high humidity - can speed up oxidation into yellow crystals called copiapite) Inesite (fades) Pyrite (w/ high humidity, light can speed up oxidation) Vivianite (darkens)
Corderoite (pink fades from McDermitt mine) Kleinite (yellow to orange) Proustite (darkens) Wulfenite (Red will fade)
Corundum (yellow fades) Kunzite (pink fades - green really fast) Pyrargyrite (darkens really fast) Xanthoconite (fades)
      Zircon (brown will darken)

Fluorite (pink to colorless; green to purple; blue or purple to colorless or pink)
- Bingham, NM, blue will fade with exposure to sunlight.
- El Hamman, Morocco, Ink blue pales with 30 min direct sun exposure *
- Elmwood fluorite is reported to be stable.
- Haute-Loire, France, sky blue turns colorless with 30 min direct sunlight.
- Hilton yellow fluorite is reported to be stable.
- Navidad Mine, deep grape purple when mined, but miners put in sun for 6-9 weks to turn them pink.
- Sant Marçal, Montseny, Spain, deep blue turns dirty green with 1 hr direct sunlight exposure. *
- Weardale (Cowshill area), Pale green changed to purple almost immediately on exposure to daylight (not even direct sunlight!).
- Weardale (Rogerly, Heights, Cement Quarry, and the old White's Level), green are all potentially unstable, though to varying degrees. Purple color appears more stable. Deep green fluorite from the Rogerly (Solstice Pocket) permanently changed almost instantly to a muddy gray-green if exposed to a LWUV lamp; this process took longer in sunlight.

Quartz (most colored quartz is light sensitive)
Quartz v Amethyst (fades)
- Brazilian amethyst
- Nebraska amethyst will bleach after a couple of days in the sun.
Quartz v Citrine
Quartz v Morion
Quartz v Rose* (fades)
Quartz v Smoky (smoky to greenish yellow to colorless)
Quartz v Agate
Quartz v Opal

Topaz (brown to colorless or blue; blue to paler or colorless)
- Most Thomas Range, UT sherry topaz xtals turn colorless with exposure to sunlight.
- Some topaz xtals from east side of the Thomas Range, UT start out as sherry but turn pink after one to three weeks in the sun. This is due to an unusually high content of pseudobrokite inclusions. The pink is stable, at least after one year of leaving these in the sun.
- Some topaz from the Little Three Mine were collected as colorless but turned blue upon exposure to the sun. Blue crystals that came out of the 1976 and 1991 pockets became much more blue with exposure. This blue color appears stable.
- Sherry colored topaz from Villa Garcia, Zacatecas, Mexico is reported to have stable color.
- The sherry colored portions of topaz xtals from Mokrusha Mine, Urals fade and seem to turn light blue with exposure to sunlight.
- Volodarsk/Volhynsk, Ukraine topazes usually start our dark orange but fade quickly with exposure to sunlight. Bicolored samples found in some pockets (light pinkish champagne and blue) seem to be more stable (at least for 15 years).


How does it work?

The flower of life directly interacts with the kundalini, clearing blockages and eventually opening up the crown chakra like a
lotus flower and keeps on opening up until the whole body sits on an open lotus flower.
For more info on the kundalini go to kundalini
There is also a lot of documentation on the internet about psychedelics and their energies and how it works - acting as a neurotransmitter etc.


Now many people have successfully used this geometric knowledge to create energetic products like Biogenesis, Tachyon and Dominus Cervix.
However nobody was able to create one system that would contain all the geometric possibilities that are contained in the whole crystal domain until recently.
Era of Enlightenment recently developed its second generation kundalini generator (previously called the MX2 Heliotalic light system) that indeed includes all the
energies contained in individual unique crystals such as those found on this website and does a whole lot more. Here a glimpse at the generator:

The EoE Second Generation Kundalini Generator