Pranavananda Ashram - Kolli Hills

Swami Pranavananda



H.H.Sadasiva Bhremendra Saraswathi (Judge swamigal)

Swayamprakasha Bhremendra Saraswathi - student of Judge swamigal

Swami Pranavananda with his teacher Swayamprakasha Bhremendra Saraswathi

"Life is like a leaf on a tree, going true it's life cycle, being moved by the wind - neither cause nor effect and eventually falling down to give way to new ones. This leaf is who you think you are, but in truth without the tree there are no leafs."

Kolli Hills - Tamil Nadu

On top of the Kolli Hills

Pranavananda Ashram living quarters

Pranavananda temple

That's me enjoying the serene admosphere at the entrance of the Pranavanada temple.

Image of Swayamprakasha Bhremendra Saraswathi on the Kolli Hills - Pranavananda's Guru


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