On May 26, 2019, Sri Bhagavan gave an extended darshan in a class in India. He answered some questions, including the following. His lengthy answer gives a much deeper understanding of events of the past 6 months... 

Question: What is Bhagavad Dharma and O&O and their connection to Ekam?
Bhagavad Dharma is phenomenon centric. The phenomenon is ‘Paramjyoti.’ Now, what do we mean by the word ['ParamJyoti'] ? - ‘The Great Compassionate Light ‘. 

A phenomenon is that which we cannot  understand or explain, but [which is] very important. It is very important but cannot be understood or explained. What we do not understand, and cannot understand is called a phenomenon. We do not understand The Great Compassionate Light, so it is called a phenomenon. And Bhagavad Dharma is phenomenon-centric.

This phenomenon started in 1989 when the Golden Orb appeared in Satyaloka. It is not a ball, it is an orb. This Golden Orb when captured on camera appears small. But it not small. It is very huge. When it appeared, it was 2 [stories high]. That is how it appeared in Satyaloka. And the phenomenon named itself and [told] stories to the children. 

It appeared to children first, not to adults. The children are very innocent. They have no religious or other bindings like adults. So the phenomenon appeared as the Golden Orb to children first.

Whatever the phenomenon wants us to do, we do.

The Golden Orb became a golden being, took a human form. When we asked this being, it named itself as Prajapati. 

After that the sapita vastra (yellow robed) Bhagavan appeared. First it appeared inside and later outside. Soon it wanted to appear outside.  We waited for it to appear outside. When sapita vastra Bhagavan came, cameras came.  And we created the sapita vastra Bhagavan.
In Namakkal we found this Sapita Vastra Bhagavan walking with the devotees. This Sapita Vastra Bhagavan was made at Somangalam. Later this Sapita Vastra Bhagavan came to be called the Kalki Bhagavan.
Then subsequently Amma became a separate phenomenon. She appeared before a few people and they worshipped her as Devi, who they thought was not married. When someone took the picture of Amma to these people, they were very angry and beat our devotees because they said Amma is married to Bhagavan. Later on they said, “Please give clarity about this.” So we made the Amma Srimurthi.

People saw AmmaBhagavan as Light Beings. Wherever they were seen, the camera captured them. And when the pictures were developed, they were in jyoti  [light] form.

When great people die, they become Jyoti (Light).
 All gods and enlightened Masters merge with The Great Compassionate Light (Supreme Light). Ramakrishna, Rama, Ramalinga, Ramana, all have merged with the Paramjyoti. They come and go. Almost all are now coming to enlighten Mankind.

So we are withdrawing AmmaBhagavan and promoting The Great Compassionate Light. All the great beings of all religions - be it Christians or Muslims or Hindus, anything - have merged with The Great Compassionate Light. 

This Great Compassionate Light, when it is caught on the camera is small. Otherwise, it is very huge, measuring many miles in the sky. It appears all over the world. Even yesterday many got experiences of The Great Compassionate Light. Not in India, but outside India.

After this session, there will be no [more] Amma's Darshan. Amma has decided to withdraw.
So you should ask The Great Compassionate Light  to show the stands you have taken and the compromises you have made. When they are shown to you, you should say, “Thank you for showing my compromises; thank you for showing the stand I have taken.” Then The Great Compassionate Light will take over.

The whole world is centered around this Great Compassionate Light. All the Mahavakyas are from The Great Compassionate Light. You will see The Great Compassionate Light when you die. You will feel Love - so much Love!

The Great Compassionate Light  is a Being. That is why we call it Sri Paramjyoti. It is enormous, loving, great and compassionate. You should experience it!

This is the Jyoti everyone will see after death. You can talk to people who were about to die. They will tell you stories about this Jyoti. If you pray, have a bond with Paramjyoti, spontaneously you can see this Light. 

All the miracles in all religions - Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, any religion - are done only by this Great Compassionate Light. Miracles of AmmaBhagavan, Satya Saibaba, Shirdi Saibaba - all are done by The Great Compassionate Light only.

So when AmmaBhagavan are doing miracles, we are not doing it. The miracles of Sri Pada, Sri Vallab, miracles of Virgin Mary,  oil and water coming [forth], the sun rotating, the rose petals falling down - everything is being done by The Great Compassionate Light only. 

In Mexico, after one of the AmmaBhagavan programs in a Christian school, the statue of Virgin Mary was seen bending to receive a garland. This was also done by The Great Compassionate Light only. Hence The Great Compassionate Light is a Being and it will BE so.

AmmaBhagavan will withdraw after sometime. And there is no need for me to speak to you after sometime. Ramalinga appeared from The Great Compassionate Light  and disappeared into The Great Compassionate Light.

So this is Bhagavad Dharma. The Mahavakyas, the Teachings of Lord Krishna, Amma Bhagavan - everything - came from this Paramjyoti only. The Paramjyoti comes to people directly or through someone. 

The Mahavakyas, the teachings of Surdas, Rama, and that of all bhaktas - all came from The Great Compassionate Light. All this (together) is Bhagavad Dharma. It is time for Man to be awakened. Only The Great Compassionate Light can do this. This Great Compassionate Light can come to people as Rama, Krishna, Virgin Mary, or in the forms of other Gods and great Beings.

O & O

In the Dharma, we found that many people did not want AmmaBhagavan. People are different. You can be anything. Some people could not accept AmmaBhagavan. They asked, “How can we worship 2 human beings?”

New people were unwilling to come. We tried to remove AmmaBhagavan, but when we did that, grace was not coming. But many craved for change. Some left. There was a need for something - other than AmmaBhagavan.

My son started his own work in 2009. And was doing well. They did not have AmmaBhagavan. So we thought we will remove Oneness University.  We gave OU to him and said, “You take OU the way you want to take [it].” 

As people wanted something minus AmmaBhagavan, the Oneness University minus AmmaBhagavan was offered to my son. We combined the OU and OWA together and it  became O&O. O&O is for people who cannot accept AmmaBhagavan. It is for people who want something different and do not want AmmaBhagavan. 

My son accepted to take over. So he had something for those who did not want AmmaBhagavan. Those who did not want AmmaBhagavan left us. Some people who loved AmmaBhagavan also shifted. We do not feel they left us. They are with us but have chosen their path.
EKAM [formerly called the Oneness Temple]

EKAM is for all religions, all kinds of people. This is for the whole world. Ekam was visualized by Bhagavan, funded by the devotees, and created by Krishnaji. It has the  Sri Chakra and the pyramids together. The Ekam itself is a 3-Dimension of the Surya yantra. 

In the ancient days they used to do processes in the pyramids and there people used to experience other realms. It was a different reality. There are pyramids all over the world. 
Ancient Hindu culture used the forms of yantras - two dimensional and single dimensional. So Ekam was built on the Grid lines, in the form of Surya Yantra, with a fine  marble. It houses the powerful Golden Ball which came from the Golden Orb. The temple is a yantra which opens into the Cosmos. Each God connects to Paramjyoti. AmmaBhagavan did the Avaaganam [ritual], and placed the Golden Ball in Ekam.

Anyone, a believer in God or an atheist, if he meditates and prays in Ekam, he will be awakened. People from all religions can come there.

The followers of Christianity will get activated and Awakened at the Anahata [heart] chakra, the followers of Islam at the Vishuddhi [throat] chakra, and the followers of Hinduism will get activated at the Sahasrara [crown] chakra.

People from [both] O&O and Bhagavad Dharma can come to Ekam to meditate.

The conception of Ekam was mine, the money was from the devotees, and it was built by the hard work and efforts of Krishnaji. He had put so much work to build Ekam. But for his efforts and your funds, it [would] not be there. So I thought that the one who built it should only be given to manage it. So I handed over Ekam to him to operate it. That is Ekam.

Bhagavad Dharma is phenomenon centric. The Great Compassionate Light is the phenomenon. O&O is where AmmaBhagavan are not there but all others are there. People wanted liberation from AmmaBhagavan, devotees wanted freedom from Amma Bhagavan and some dasas too wanted this freedom. So O&O was created.

In ancient days Hinduism was followed everywhere, all over the world. Later on they named it as Sanatan Dharma. Sanatana Dharma is nothing but freedom, be it in Bhakthi or Gnana or Dhyana. So we created the O&O which did not have AmmaBhagavan. Anyone can go to Ekam.

So that is Bhagavad Dharma, O&O and Ekam.