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Cockpit equipment

Rear J-BOX and equipment (just aft of the pressure bulkhead)

The emergency BATTs & G-switches

The emergency lighting G-switches are co-located with each of the 4 emergency lighting battery packs. If one of the lights remain on after disconnecting the main BATTs one of these g-switches is triggered. The battery pack at the seat locations are located directly outboard of the seat, attached to the lower side wall systems panel. There should be a removable panel on the seat shroud to gain access to them. In the image below (ACM and toilet j-box) there is Batt pack 4 is located under letter M and the image above (cockpit equipment) batt pack 1.

Battery Pack 3

ACM and toilet j-box



Left Engine

Right engine

Precooler (Between left engine and airframe)
First exhaust on your right is hot precooler exhaust, the second is cool air from precooler to keep the pilon clean

Honeywell RE100 APU
(Exhaust to the right, bleed to the left, intake on the top)

APU cross section, exhaust to the left (this is the Honeywell 36-150, very similar to the RE100 and RE220)
Bleed air is extracted from the compressor section.

Tailcone aft

APU fire extinguisher line has a hole in the Tailcone so the tailcone also gets some Halon.


Left nose

Emergency Gear extention and Emergency braking

Right nose

Radiation at FL450 in Europe is around 3.5 microSievert per hour, see above. With our flying that is 1500 microSievert in a year above the 3000 microSievert that everybody is exposed to every year. 1500 is comparable to 1 spinal X-ray dose spread out over a year, so not so bad.
100.000 μSv per year is the lowest dose likely linked to increased cancer risk.
Leucotomos Polipodium is a herb that protects agains radiation in case you want to protect yourself.

See radiation chart

-7.4 max nose up Trim (Also check the trim tab being 1 inch down in this state)

1.2 Max nose down Trim

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Numbers 1

Numbers 2


Driftdown airports

Drifdown altitude with anti-ice off - nice to know if you will enter the top of the clouds and enter icing conditions. If so
your driftdown is going to be way lower so think of the MORA and options.