Kundalini Tools

So what are the best and most effective / most powerful tools to awaken and develop the kundalini ?

Well if you found this webpage it already means you have done your homework. This page is not for the beginner and also not for the intermediate practitioner.
This is the masters and doctorate course.

In the 25 years of thoroughly searching the planet for all the different tools and methods available in helping to awaken the kundalini and developing it, I can say I have seen it all.
Some of the tools are helpful in the beginning and some in the end, some are very powerful but dangerous and others are a complete waste of time. Kundalini yoga for example is way to slow and Kriya yoga is only really effective if the kundalini is already awake. Also the many other forms of yoga dealing with the kundalini are only useful once the kundalini is already doing it's job, otherwise it is a waste of time. Sahaja yoga is more effective and Vaasi yoga even better. Kriya yoga from Yogiraj and Sri-M in combination with self-inquiry (Ramana Maharshi lineage) is even better and Tantric Kriya Yoga from Babaji is the best yoga approach for awakening and developing the kundalini. Many masters in the past have started their own type of yoga such as Rudrananda and DhyanYogi, all useful but slow.

Now combining these yoga methods with other tools speed things up. Actually Tantric kriya yoga already combines 3 methods into one, pranayama (breath) with sexual energy and yoga. But the real masters will tell you that you need a teacher who has a fully awakened kundalini alongside the practise, so he can ignite and develop the kundalini in a student with ease. This is called shaktipath or Dikshas. Satsang meetings is one of the places where you can find master teachers who do this.

But there are faster and more effective ways.

The best approach for the rainbow body and the whole kundalini path in my opinion is Trekchod and Togal in combination with Iboga, Tantra, powerful satsangs (like those found on this website - for example Energy-healing ) and fasting. Also practicing Togal in front of a mirror (something that Vallalar did most of his life reaching the highest state of the rainbow body due to it) is very powerful. Rebirthing in the beginning is very powerful and useful as well - or similar pranayama’s like holotropic breathing . Trekchod has many similarities with satsang, so sometimes reverting back to Gnana yoga and non-duality is useful as well. I have been doing Togal for over 20 years now and have been searching the planet for any other method that supersedes these 2 but all in vain. And I have been searching deep ! So save yourself the time and money if you want to follow the fastest path, here it is.

This page is not something you start with, but end with and these methods are all very advanced and not all without risk.
The top 10 below will reveal the most effective and most powerful spiritual methods to awaken and develop the kundalini and reach the highest states of meditation / spirituality available on the planet. These steps are all aimed at the attainment of the rainbow body of full transference, full enlightenment.

Also let me make a point clear, the plant medicine mentioned below is not a must. I have only used these herbs when I was young and now I am using the energetic versions of it like souldrops and plant essence (also contained in this webpage) that contain the energetic part of the plant but not the psychoactive ingredients (like homeopathy) - this way it is legal everywhere and you will not end up in trouble. Also meeting the shamans who are experts in the plant medicine can give you the shaktipath and energy work that you need and boost your progress in the kundalini as well. Keep in mind that Ayahuasca was ONLY consumed by the shamans and never by the participants. The shaman would heal people in an elevated spiritual awareness in a ceremony. Only when the west was introduced to Ayahuasca did new types of ceremonies take place where everyone would consume Ayahuasca. This would make the real shamans laugh...

So just looking at the picture of a shaman who is expert in the plant medicine can act like a strong darshan and activate the kundalini.

That said lets look at the list.

1 ) Iboga

2 ) Darshan

3 ) Plant medicine

4 ) EoE kundalini tools

5 ) Self inquiry / Togal / Satsang

6 ) Shaktipath's - Diksha's

7 ) Rebirthing and similar

8 ) Tantra with kundalini herbs

9 ) Kriya Yoga or Vaasi Yoga

10 ) Pilgrim tours

1) The Tabernanthe Iboga

Psychoactive constituent: Ibogaine

The single most powerful kundalini tool on planet earth.

The cambium layer (see below) of the at least 15 year old Tabernanthe Iboga root is by far the most powerful herb to awaken and develop the kundalini (very grounding, opening and cleaning the whole nervous system with the focus on decalcifying and opening of the pineal gland (and it does it better then Epitalon) where you will realize without a doubt the illusion of the self or "I thought" and the illusion of the world and karma itself. The kundalini already ignites with 5 grams of iboga rootbark and the more you take the bigger the fire ! But it is arguably the most powerful psychedelic in the world so not without risk !


Disclaimer: Iboga is a potentially illegal substance in many countries, and we do not encourage or condone the use of this substance where it is against the law.
However, we accept that illegal drug use occurs, and believe that offering responsible harm reduction information is imperative to keeping people safe.
For that reason, this guide is designed to ensure the safety of those who decide to use the substance.

Scam Warning 2021

Do not buy this from online webshops that ask you to pay with bitcoins or western union transfers or bank transfers or any other transfer that does not guarantee you get your money back if something goes wrong. In other words only accept paypal or go to www.myiboga.de That is the only trustworthy website I have found so far. As far as I understand https://www.ibogaworld.com is also legitimate. But be very careful with suppliers from Cameroon ! You will be scammed almost 100% guaranteed. Tricks are that you pay and then something happens and you have to pay more. This is when you are lucky and actually get something. Most of the time you get the bark but not the root bark, or you get the whole bark or a root that is way too young. All leading to one outcome, very weak iboga.
What also happens is that you simply never get anything. I ended up being scammed by www.worldwideibogadelivery.com and buytabernantheiboga.com and ibogaplanet.com among other.
What happens is that you never get your rootbark and only get more messages that you have to pay more, whatever excuse they come up with. When you do get something, there is always something wrong with it. Simply said in Cameroon there is a criminal group active that actively scams people who are interested in iboga. after doing some more research into this, it seems they are being educated already from middle scholl on how to scam people in the west.

So what to do? Best is to not buy it yourself but actually spend the money and go to an official retreat like those in Costa Rica or the Entherlands.


Never consume iboga alone, never do this when you are diabetic, never do this if you have liver problems (do a blood test to rule this out) or heart problems (do an ECG before a ceremony to check QT irregularities). Also be very strict on diet, never never drink alcohol (because of long QT interval), grapefruit juice (because of Bergamottin) and DMT (blood pressure), drugs or antidepressants at least a week before and 2 weeks after an iboga ceremony !!

Cocaine and methadone use before iboga has killed many people in the hope of a cure for their addictions !

The save way is going for the soul drops

When in an iboga ceremony make sure you do not fight it (easier said than done). Surrender and accept what comes. It can be extremely intense when you do a full initiation (100+ grams of iboga rootbark in flood doses) making you go through a near death experience. Make sure you use the Bwiti music (especially the Moungongo instrument) along the ceremony as it will greatly help and speed things up. It normally takes 36 hours but if you are fighting something it can take up to 3 days until the fight is over and you surrender ! That is why in a ceremony people are there to help you. In this type of ceremony the ego will not win but it will try and fight for survival.

If you are stupid enough to do this alone, NEVER do a flood dose, only microdose short term ! It is also not a good idea to microdose long term because it will create a leaky gut syndrome with the many food problems associated with that.

The problem is when you do this alone without support or sitter is that all is fine the first 12 hours but it can happen that you start to worry and this worry intensifies so much that it can block you energetically for 3 days without sleep, making you feel like you are going mad as the iboga will not stop and keep on hitting the ego until it dies. Many people have committed suicide because the feeling arises that this crazy state you are in never stops and is simply too much !

Also microdosing is fine the first week or two but the ibogaine remains in your system and builds up. Out of nowhere a sudden panic attack can arise and a full Bwiti initiation awaits you right there with only microdosing for a month !!

It is part of a fast growing African religion called the Bwiti - non-dogmatic religion about finding the truth yourself via the help of the spirit of Iboga.

Now the official Bwiti initiation in Gabon uses 60+ grams of iboga rootbark for the death ceremony (sometimes going up to 100 grams with or without rectal administration) along with specialised music and energetic help (from the Nganga's, Bwiti shamans). Normally 6 grams to test on the first day, then the death ceremony on the second day using around 60 grams and the rebirth on the third day around 20 grams. The idea is to bring you to a point so deep inside that stinging you with a needle will not create any reaction anymore. At that point the ego is completely dissolved and self-realization will fully stabilize. This type of initiation is only done in Gabon.

Outside Gabon most ceremonies use 10 -20 grams in a flood dose of 6 hours (5 grams an hour) and no help from a real N'Ganga so you cannot really compare this to the real initiation. Also the iboga used is not from Gabon but from Cameroon or other places and these roots are normally only 15 years old or younger, so much less potent.

However in Costa Rica the ceremonies from awakenyoursoul.co do go up to 30 grams or more from high potency iboga root if Anthony feels you are ready for it. He is one of the few who really knows what he is doing and has the right setup and team helping him - and a beautiful retreat center near the Sendero Ecológico Finca San Gerardo in Costa Rica. Google Maps: 2CHW+H8G

Anthony is in good contact with Gabon, among other Tatayo. Tatayo will stop giving ceremonies in Gabon after 2023 so after this only French speaking and only locals will give the ceremonies that can be really challenging as there are many different types of initiations and different tribes (Mitsoko, Bapunu and the Fang). For example in the north of Gabon they use a lot less iboga then in the south and are called different. To become a shaman in the Bwiti tradition for example there are 5 levels of initiation. There is no western person who has done more then 2. Celine from the Netherlands (www.theorigin.nl/) goes to Gabon every 2 years with a small group and hopefully will work things out in French for future participants.

Moughenda Mikala also gives ceremonies in the west, but he is from a different tribe then Tatayo and it seems different tribes are not matching the same style of ceremonies and with Moughenda you get less help and support as with Tatayo, Anthony and Celine.

The one that comes closest to the Gabon ceremonies are the ceremonies organized by Fabian Piorkowsky. However I have not seen him active in the last couple of years.

The ibogaine treatment is something different and is done in hospitals for addiction treatment (many of them in Mexico). They are extremely expensive and are not meant for spiritual endeavors even though this does happen.

iboga ignites the kundalini and fuels it along with the same energetic movement as self-inquiry / kriya yoga but it does it at 1000x the speed non stop - 36 hours continuous ! It is also the only herb I know of that actually creates new brain cells (not just new connections) in the dopamine center and rewires the whole brain for a stable awakening. It decalcifies the pineal gland and clears up stored karma like nothing else in the world. Unlike Ayahuasca or San pedro that only connect to one neurotransmitter, iboga connects to 5 main neurotransmitters (NMDA, nicotinic, σ-, κ-opioid, and μ-receptors) and stays connected for weeks to month ! It even has the ability to reverse epigenetic aging markers. It is by far the most amazing plant medicine in the world.

Each year, the village of Mboka A Nzambe (image above) sets up a 10 days festival of ceremonies: initiation, celebration, sanctuary, Edika, Dissumba also for foreigners.
Shaman Adumangana used to be a manager in a school and was introduced to the Bwiti tradition by Tatayo in 2000 and he is doing a great job in Mboka a Nzambe as a shaman.
More info here: www.sarl-sovater.com/

Iboga experience

Full Bwiti initiation in Gabon - Tatayo
https://bwitilife.com (Mexico) https://www.theorigin.nl
(Link to Tatayo)
https://awakenyoursoul.co Anthony (link to Tatayo) https://www.roothealing.com (All over the world - Moughenda) https://ibogawellness.com (Costa Rica)

(the most powerful program outside Gabon with Piorkowsky, however latest info they are not using iboga anymore)

It is very much recommended to first start with Ayahuasca (the high frequency female aspect of Iboga) and Peyote (the heart and grounding male aspect of Iboga) before diving into the deep with iboga as these 2 are already extremely powerful on their own. So research first and know what you are doing and getting into.

A little info about Pharmacokinetics (effective time of iboga versus Ayahuasca or peyote)

Iboga has the longest absorption lag time but also by far the longest elimination phase, Ayahuasca the shortest. Cmax is strongest with Iboga 100+ grams and Tmax happens first with Ayahuasca. (well Kambo is even faster but we are looking at the golden triangle: Ayahuasca, Peyote/San Pedro and Iboga). The elimination half-life for Ayahuasca is about 2 hours and for Peyote about 6 hours and for Iboga about 12 hours. However the Elimination phase of Iboga takes about 3 month because the ibogaine molecule remains attached to the brain receptors and nervous system and during this time keeps on rewiring the whole nervous system, deleting the ego in it's process. Peyote has an elimination phase of about 3 to 4 days and Ayahuasca about a day. It is because of the elimination phase that Iboga is so amazing as in those 3 month any meditation or spiritual exercise works a 1000x deeper, even though initially you do not notice this !!

After 1 or 2 iboga ceremonies it seems you are more sensitive to iboga and need less root to reach the same result. Also what has been cleared remains clear and empty so the rootbark will work on the next deeper levels in a future ceremony. Wait at least 6 month before you do another ceremony as it has little use doing it earlier as it has done already so much. Also too many ceremonies in too short a time might give you a kundalini crisis - something you do not want...

A buzzing sound is frequently experienced with iboga and not knowing where the sound comes also happens a lot - very similar to Diisopropyltryptamine, a substance that isolates this feature alone.

To be clear, psychoactive herbs are tools to awaken the kundalini, but you can also awaken the kundalini without them. I have only used these herbs when I was a teenager to awaken the kundalini but there are other ways to awaken it. That said, Iboga is the most powerful and direct way to awaken the kundalini. For as far as I have found, all the religions, Siddhars and major spiritual movements from the past have their roots in these psychoactive herbs.

Another interesting fact to know is that these psychoactive herbs that activate and boost the kundalini are not addictive and no link has been found between psychedelics and psychosis

Dzogchen teacher Keith Dowman

The Dzogchen teacher Keith Dowman recently wrote in Everything is Light that psychedelics can “provide an opportunity for synchronicitous moments of full recognition of the nature of mind,” but he went on to note that even though the clarity and unbound spaciousness of the nature of mind may unfold while on psychedelics, the challenge is that it is almost always accompanied by an onslaught of visionary, hallucinogenic, and otherwise psychedelic phenomena. Meaning like dreams, do not dive into the visions and be taken by them - that is a waste of time like taking dreams serious.

Click here to see more images of masters who also represent the plant medicine

A quote from the great Lama Urgyen Rinpoche “Don’t get involved in psychedelics unless you are willing to have your most deeply held beliefs—about you and your world—not only questioned but also shown to have no basis,” “Your belief systems are constructed by thoughts. Psychedelics are like a solvent poured on your beliefs. You may watch all of that dissolve. And although dissolving belief structures is the ultimate point of the dharma, doing so with psychedelics is not for every practitioner.
“The path of the Buddha leads us to an unnameable place. Psychedelics have the capacity to do that as well,” he says, “albeit in a more forceful way. In both cases, we may arrive at an indescribable place where we realize we cannot say anything definite about anything. That in itself is a type of freedom.”

Gotu Kola with Iboga.

Gotu Kola requires a few weeks to work and seems to cause an increase in neuronal growth (not how many neurons there are, but how far their dendrites branch out). This is due to activating a class of proteins known as MAPKs, which causes a release in a growth factor for neurons called Brain-derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF). Using Gotu Kola 2 week prior to an Iboga ceremony makes the rewiring of the brain during and after the ceremony more efficient making the results even more amazing.

Niacin, Prolonged Release, That is Vitamin B3 niacin (not niacimide) in a special form that is released over time to reduce the flush is a perfect supplement 2 days after the ceremony to speed up the process and be back to normal within a week with the benefit of the karmic / ego clearing that has happened.

Be careful with strong anti-oxidants after an iboga ceremony as they create too much energy (up to 6 month). It can give a rush feeling like that of 10 cups of coffee - something you will not like !

Magnesium with CBD oil helps for sleeping trouble after an iboga ceremony.

To grow IBOGA yourself

-- -- --


Ibogaine molecule (very effective)

Voacangine molecule (not effective)

Serotonin neurotransmitter (you can see the similarity)


The Voacanga africana seeds create some visuals as does the rootbark of the Voacanga, but it is not a replacement of iboga and there are no Indigenous tribes using this as a ritual. It was a commercial lie that there are native tribes using this. There are no beneficial kundalini effects so just stay away from this one.

Ervatamia orientalis leaves are toxic but should be the main source for ibogaine treatments in extract form. Ibogaine is the pure extract from the plant so all other substances are filtered out. As you do not kill the plant but just take the leaves, the main source for ibogaine anti-drug treatment should be Ervatamia orientalis. Because it is toxic, do not use it in raw form !

Anartia meyer is another source of iboga, but not much info about that.

Tabernaemontana undulata is used as eye drops (Sananga) in Ayahuasca ceremonies. It also contains ibogaine. I do not recommend combining this with DMT because it interferes with your hearts QT. Better do it separate. It does not create anything similar to the iboga experience.

-- -- --

2) Darshan

Darshan (Mother Meera)

Darshans (sometimes called Drishti) from fully realized beings are the most powerful and effective non-psychedelic tools to awaken and develop the kundalini. One long and deep darshan from a grand master will do more than 20 years of daily yoga meditation trying to awaken the kundalini. But there are very few people on the planet that can really deliver a darshan that powerful. On my living masters page there are some who can deliver this kind of a punch.

Basically Darshan means looking directly into Gods eyes.

-- -- --

3) Plant medicine

This diagram I like to call the plant medicine David star and it shows you all the useful and powerful kundalini tools found in nature.
On the right (your left body side) you have the female energies that are inward like self-inquiry, on the left you have the male energies that are outward like receiving darshans or doing rebirthing and in the middle you have non-duality, neither male nor female, yet both. They work like satsang, Togal and kriya yoga. On the vertical axis you have the frequency where Iboga is really grounding and Ayahuasca, peyote really high in frequency. For full self-realization the kundalini needs to awaken in the center channel and kill the ego completely and here Iboga and Amanita Muscaria come into action and those 2 are the only plant medicines to date that can do that. The other plant medicines cannot bring you there, but will help the process.

Kundalini (Caduceus) and The Ancient Greek Gorgoneion
The snakes, being ida and pingala (a term for the channels through which, in traditional Indian medicine and spiritual knowledge, the energies such as prana of the physical body, the subtle body and the causal body flow. In medical terms this is called the vagus nerve). The staff is the sushumna or spinal cord and all 3 channels are ways that the kundalini can move. But the sushumna is the only channel that leads to enlightenment.

That is why it is better to awaken the kundalini fully into the sushumna so you will realize who you truly are (killing the ego in the process) and spread your wings.

[from wikipedia] gorgoneia represent certain aspects of the Mother Goddess cult in Greece associated with "dynamic life energy". Those wearing it established their descent from earlier deities considered to remain powerful. Among other attributes, it was assumed by rulers of the Hellenistic age as a royal aegis to imply divine birth or protection, as shown, for instance, on the Alexander Mosaic and the Gonzaga Cameo. Athena and Zeus also wore this amulet.

Your Left side (right in the image) is your ida channel (female cold introvert vagus nerve) and right is your pingala channel (male warm vagus nerve). The middle is the sushumna channel (spinal cord).

On this image you can see exactly what each plant medicine does. To expand the spheres, iboga and Amanita are the best. To make it warmer and more radiating inside the spheres, Peyote and psilocybin / psilohuasca are very good. To make everything deeper empty and clear, Ayahuasca and Bufo are the best. Yohimbe is a bit of a strange one as it does not really clear as much and as strong as the other plant medicine but does radiate directly from the heart and is also non-dual.

To know more about what is kundalini go to this page

-- -- --

Amanita muscaria (Soma, Mukhomor, or Fly Agaric)

Active ingredient Muscimol.

This is the most powerful (non-duel) mushroom that the ancient Buddhists, Hindus and Christians were using to ignite and develop the kundalini. In India (as in the Veda scriptures - Soma) it has been widely used. Most likely this is the origin of Christmas and Santa (Reindeer love to eat Amanita and the ancient shamans drank the urine of the Reindeer to get the pure Muscimol without the ibotanic acid and they would dress like the mushroom to help people in need). In case there were no Reindeer, the shamans would dry the Amanita in pine trees to get rid of the ibotanic acid - hence the Christmas tree)

Toxic or not: Amanita is a tricky one as it contains Muscarine in different levels from mushroom to mushroom and muscarine is toxic in high amounts. A study conducted in autumn 1980 (Stijve) using high performance thin-layer chromatographic determination method (HPTLC) found the Amanita muscaria to contain 0.005% up to 0.011% by dry weight Muscarine in European specimens. It has been estimated that a lethal dose of muscarine ranges somewhere between 40mg and 495mg (Puschner, 2013). Assuming the high concentration of 0.011% in one of the mushrooms found (in Gramschats, Germany) one would have to consume nearly 500 grams of these dried Amanita Muscaria before reaching dangerous levels. Well taking more than 30 grams of dried A. Muscaria will bring you into the most powerful trip you have ever know, it is safe to say you will never get near that level. If for some reason you manage to eat 500 grams of the strongest dried A. Muscaria, the nausea will make you throw up and you are still safe. Hence in the past 100 years there are no documented cases of death due to Amanita Muscaria poisoning. There is only one report of a man who froze to death after consuming large amounts of Amanita Muscaria while camping in Michigan, USA. It is not sure but unconsciousness or simply lack of awareness of one's surroundings might have contributed to his death.

The North American Mycological Association has stated that there were "no reliably documented cases of death from toxins in these mushrooms in the past 100 years". David Arora has written 2 books on the subject also stating that the toxicity is highly overrated. However never dive into a large dose of this mushroom as the main danger is respiratory problems, something you do not want to test on yourself.

Interestingly, muscarine may also play a neuroprotective role. While the symptoms of muscarine are frequently the more unpleasant (though inconsistent) effects produced, including symptoms such as excessive perspiration or salivation, nausea and vomiting, a recent study has shown that stimulation of the muscarinic receptors in the brain "provides substantial protection from DNA damage, oxidative stress, and mitochondrial impairment (Sarno et al., 2003: 11086), thereby preventing neuronal loss or the development of neurodegenerative diseases.

If you want to avoid the muscarine all together but still have the spiritual / kundalini benefits that is gained from Muscimol, go for the more rare version called Amanita Pantherina. The same team in 1980 found that in the Amanita Pantherina samples gathered in Gamburg and Puidoux had muscarine values below 0.0005%.

Amanita Pantherina

A word of caution

Do not play any sports or muscle training up to 3 days after using this mushroom. It can create sport injuries as you have more power and energy but do not feel the strain!
Do not drive or steer any vehicle for that matter for at least 24 hours after consuming this mushroom.
Never consume more then 3 caps if you are experienced and for the first time never more than 1 cap (that is 7 grams max) - 6 grams of red amanita is the active amount but varies greatly.
It is a mushroom that influences the whole body (nervous system, it actually goes inside the nerves unlike the other plant medicines), starts to work in about an hour of consumption (so do not take more if you think it is not yet working !) and lasts 24 hours.

In more modern times it is used by the shamans of the Finno-Ugrian peoples (Ostyak and Vogul) in western Siberia and three primitive tribes (Chuckchee, Koryak, and Kamchadal) in Siberia. Most notably the shamans of the Sámi people in Lapland (but there are not many left) are most interesting.

Amanita Muscaria is the most powerful kundalini activator and developer among all the mushrooms and second to Iboga. Sundried mushrooms made into powder were originally mixed in Reindeer milk (goat milk also possible) with blueberries and consumed in ceremonies. With 2 dried caps (around 14 grams) it can bring you directly into Ego death and full awakening - but it is a hell of a ceremony !

After more research it is found that mixing dried Amanita with lemon juice produces the best results, because the acidity also converts ibotanic acid into muscimol.

Again I like to put a BIG Disclaimer here: This is not a mushroom to play around with. Study all you can about it. I am not responsible for any consumption related problems - this website is only intended to reveal the secret methods used in the past to awaken the kundalini and elevate one into enlightenment. One of the questions I always had was: Why were there so many great masters in the past like Jesus, the Siddhars etc. while there were so few people on the planet at that time. Now with 7 billion people, where are all the great masters?

Well religion has killed it in my opinion by killing the sexual energies used for spiritual gain and the use of mushrooms and similar for spiritual gain. In 1620 the Spanish inquisition, a powerful branch of the Catholic church, made it illegal to use Peyote and similar stories have happened with Amanita and other tools.

Even the whole subject of kundalini is considered evil by Christianity - just see www.jonasclark.com/ as an example.

So no more spiritual sex and no more psychedelics and no more kundalini meditation - that will do it...

12th-century Plaincourault Church in Mérigny, Indre, France.
You can clearly see the Amanita Muscaria mushroom (The forbidden fruit :) in combination with the powerful kundalini, female energy right and male energy left.

A monument of the Kundalini (Staff of Moses) in the Neghev desert on Mount Nebo, in front of the church of Saint Moses.

Or take a look at the small Church of Saint-Martin de Vic in central France.

During the last supper, Jesus transmitted his most important teaching: The Eucharist ritual. It represents the ultimate transmission of knowledge from Jesus to his disciples, during which they would eat “Bread and wine” as his “body and blood”: And he took bread, gave thanks and broke it, and gave it to them, saying, “This is my body which is for you. Do this in remembrance of me”.

Bread is literally translated from the word Manna in this text and manna in my opinion is most likely the Amanita Muscaria and not bread but can also be the Golden teacher and drinking the blood is exactly what you get when you boil amanita to get rid of the ibotanic acid to make it more comfortable for the stomach with less nausea:

Amanita Muscaria tea (The blood of Jesus ?)

Amanita muscaria is also known as Soma, the entheogenic sacrament of the Vedas in Hinduism. This research came from R. Gordon Wasson in 1968 and edited later by other researchers to make it more accurate.

Another interesting book on psychedelics in Buddhism

The Sami people (who have been suppressed for over 500 years almost to extinction because of their use of Amanita) are some of the few tribes left with the full knowledge of the Amanita Muscaria - mostly hidden. Few dare to stand up and fight for their freedom like Svonni and Jari Rorn, but others hiding it like Tatiana and other tribal members in Russia due to oppression - and yes the source of oppression is yet again the Catholic Church but do your own research if that interests you.

Jari Rorn
Sami Shaman - from Keimiöniementie, Muonio, Finland (160km north of Rovanimi)

Tatiana Urkachan
Shaman of the Even tribe in Palana (related to the Koryak tribe), Kamchatskiy, Russia. (West of Occopa - we are talking about the appendix of Russia in the north east side of Japan - so in the middle of nowhere..)



Ibotenic acid

So what are the active ingredients?


Muscimol binds to the GABA receptors, being their agonist, and blocks the neuronal and glial uptake of GABA, resulting in increased serotonin and acetylcholine levels, and lowered norepinephrine. The effects of muscimol on the brain are most apparent in the cortex, hippocampus and cerebellum. It works similar to Wormwood but way more effective and spiritual.
Mannitol also present in A. Muscaria enables more efficient transportation of muscimol into the brain and thus enhances their hallucinogenic activity (Maciejczyk & Kafarski, 2013)

Ibotenic acid

Ibotanic acid (max 0.2% of mushroom) is a a neurotoxin and serves as a prodrug to muscimol (when dried, ibonic acid turns into Muscimol), with approximately 10–20% converting to muscimol after ingestion. Dried Amanita muscaria hardly contain any Ibotenic acid, that is why only dried mushrooms should be used to make tinctures or sold as whole. Also ingesting dried mushrooms with lemon juice reduces the ibonic acid.


A word on Vanadium. It contains Amavadin, a large molecule that has at its center a Vanadium atom. If the earth that the mushroom grows on contains enough Vanadium, it is possible that the mushroom packs 300mg/kg vanadium. Now nobody really knows what Amavadin does (only theories such as cellular repair) one should know that Vanadium is LIKELY SAFE in adults, if less than 1.8 mg per day is taken. At higher doses, such as those used to treat diabetes, vanadium frequently causes unwanted side effects including abdominal discomfort, diarrhea, nausea, and gas. It can also cause a greenish tongue, loss of energy, and problems with the nervous system. That means a max of 7 grams of this mushroom can be taken every day without risk of Vanadium toxicity, or 4 mushrooms in a ceremony once a week. The Sami people use 1 - 4 dried caps per ceremony. 4 caps is really extreme and only for big heavy people who have done it before and only harvested in the fall.

Lets look at the main psychoactive ingredient:


Dopamine neurotransmitter


Serotonin neurotransmitter

Muscimol is the main ingredient causing the spiritual benefits with Muscazone being similar as secondary, both Muscimol and Muscazone are potent GABA agonist, activating the receptor for the brain's principal inhibitory neurotransmitter, GABA. Muscimol binds to the same site on the GABA receptor complex as GABA itself. GABA receptors are widely distributed in the brain, and so when muscimol is administered, it alters neuronal activity in multiple regions including the cerebral cortex, hippocampus, and cerebellum. While muscimol is normally thought of as a selective GABA agonist with exceptionally high affinity to GABAa-delta receptors, it is also a partial agonist at the GABAa-rho receptor, and so its range of effects results from a combined action on more than one GABA receptor subtype.

If you look at the Dopamine neurotransmitter (San Pedro and Peyote - Male energy) you can see the similarity with Muscimol. Also if you look at the Serotonin neurotransmitter (Ayahuasca - Female energy) it also looks similar. Hence it is both Male and Female and neither. This is where the non-duality comes in. Ayahuasca cannot be combined with San Pedro. Male cannot be combined with Female energies (they cancel each other out) as they are still in the domain of duality. Only Iboga and Amanita go right in the middle being non-dual and killing the ego. There is one exception, Yohimbe is also non-duel but that does not kill the ego.


Spring and summer mushrooms have been reported to contain up to 10 times more ibotenic acid and muscimol than autumn fruitings and it is said that 15 whole fresh mushrooms from spring can be deadly (but no way anybody can handle more than 4 caps anyway) but most of the mushrooms on sale are from Lithuania and they are harvested in the fall and are dried. As a side note, drying may increase potency, as the process facilitates the conversion of ibotenic acid to the more potent muscimol. In Russia it is customed to only harvest mushrooms that grow alone and that the smaller mushrooms are stronger.

During a test involving rabbits connected to an EEG, muscimol presented with a distinctly synchronized EEG tracing. This is substantially different from serotonergic psychedelics (basically all the other magic mushrooms), with which brainwave patterns generally show a de-synchronization. In higher doses (2 mg/kg via IV), the EEG will show characteristic spikes.

Around 7 grams (1 cap) the experience can be that Amanita Muscaria dissolves seriousness from a person and in turn dispels anxiety but this happens very gradually. The next step is changing the beingness into different sizes. Then the sense of time, age and where you are in it warps and a disoriented drunk feeling shows up. These are all preparations for the kundalini spark that happens afterwards (around 4 hours later). This shows up as intense heat and sweat, sometimes lasting hours in a row. Once the kundalini is really active it starts to cleanse old trauma and drama and can lead to catharsis. The whole experience ends with a feeling of hunger that can last a week, needing more sleep but also sleeping better.

With 28 grams (4 caps) how the Sami shamans were using it in the past, the experience is extreme with the mind going is a free-fall and looping and waking up the kundalini in full power that in turn aims its power at killing the ego. This type of ceremony you should NEVER do alone and make sure you have an experienced sitter ! It can be scary as the ego does not want to die without a fight.

Tinctures for microdosing are also available here: https://radostflora.wixsite.com/ or alternatively here: www.medicijnplanten.nl or here: yeswolfspirit.com/

Dried: https://amanita.lt/

Essence : banefolk.com/shop/amanita-muscaria-mushroom-essence/

-- -- --

The second best spiritual mushroom on the planet - Panaolus Cyanescens - the universal wind teacher (the best being Amanita Muscaria)

There are 2 main types spiritual mushrooms (plus Amanita Muscaria, but that belongs to a different group - see above) and 2 minor ones.
The 2 main ones are Panaeolus and the Psilocybe. The 2 minor ones are Pluteus and Gymnopilus (these produce mild effects)
There are other species such as Galerina, Inocybe, Mycena and Pholiotine but they are not good for spiritual endeavors (even toxic in some cases)

Generally the best spiritual mushroom next to Amanita is the Pan Cyan's (aka Panaolus Cyanescens or under the older name Copelandia) otherwise called the Hawaiien strain, image above.
It is not as tasty as the psilocybe species but much more pure and potent with less of a body load (feeling drained or tired or weak).

How to grow them:

How to grow Panaeolus home page

It works great with self-inquiry and will zoom into the self about a 100 times faster and deeper then mere meditation itself. Not only that it actually heals the brain on different levels.

In a new study (July 2021) researchers in Yale university show that a single dose of psilocybin given to mice prompted an immediate and long-lasting increase in connections between neurons. The findings were published July 5 in the journal Neuron. Also studies like those at the Maastricht university in the Netherlands show that psylocybe mushrooms heal the damage caused by depression and is actually a really effective method to curing depression.

Now Psylocybe works similar to Ayahuasca, but I find mushrooms to be more effective if combined with self-inquiry, as long as you are not carried away by the visuals. Because Panaolus Cyanecsens and the Psilocybe are much more potent then Ayahuasca it can be overwhelming and the danger is that the visuals take you away into unending story lines.

Psilocybe azurescens
(The best Psilocybe mushroom on the planet, yet very bitter)

These mushrooms are wood lovers (not dung) and they are not as visual as the golden teacher or other psilocybe mushrooms, making them perfect for spiritual endevours (no distractions). They are also the strongest mushrooms, even stronger then the paneolus, however they are difficult to grow and need lots of time. They grow in colder climates.

Active ingredient: Psilocin and to a lesser degree Psilocybin.

The second best psilocybe mushroom is the Psilocybe Hoogshagenii.

Arguably the most famous psilocybe mushroom is the golden teacher. Because of the ease of growing them indoors these mushrooms have become much stronger then their wild counterparts.

The Golden Teacher Mushroom - Psilocybe cubensis
(You do not need to be an Einstein to see the resemblance of the churches in Russia like The Kremlin - The spiritual, artistic and ruling heart of Russia - and these mushrooms... but that is my opinion :)

If you are not allowed to buy these mushrooms but you are allowed to buy the spores, then grow them yourself:

growing Golden Teacher Home page

If you want to go simple and cheap go for the ready to use growth kits like this one https://www.zamnesia.nl

Lord Vishnu
well anyone who has experienced the psilocybe mushroom will recognise this image
as the snakes represent exactly what you will see if you take 5 grams
or more of this mushroom.

In ancient North India and Tibet the Amanita muscaria mushroom was used as a kundalini booster of the Siddhars and MahaSiddhars as is written in the Vedas. However in the South of India the Psilocybin mushrooms seem to be the main teacher for many saints and siddhars (using the Psilocybe wayanadensis or Psilocybe keralensis or similar) as can be clearly seen in their art. For example, the blue skin color of many saints in India and the holiness of the cow can be directly related to these mushrooms. There are only a very few mushrooms that solely grow on horse and cow dung, and the psilocybe and panaolus are both doing that. Also if you bruise these mushrooms, they turn blue. Also the art seems to really express what you can experience during meditation with the mushrooms.

The more you study the ancient saints and spiritual masters you find their roots of realizations in these psychoactive herbs. Even in ancient Greece, the oracle of Delphi used hallucinogenic gases.

Xochipilli or the 'Prince of Flowers'
He was the the young sun God who was himself a manifestation of Tonatiuh, the supreme sun god of Meso-America (South Mexico all the way down to Costa Rica).

Medusa (Greece)

Anyone who experienced the Psilocybin knows what this image depicts. So yes also the ancient Greek Gods have their roots in psychoactive herbs.

-- -- --


Hisioma (Bufo) snuff

(7.5% Bufotenin, 5-MeO-DMT, DMT with Caapi as the main MAO inhibitor)

Hisioma is a type of Ebene snuff with high amounts of Bufo in it. Normally 70% Yopo beans, 20% powdered snail shells (or a combo with Elizabetha Princeps bark ash) and 10% Yakoana (Virola Bark). Sometimes the Yanomami shamans also add Justicia Pectoralis leaves in it to reduce the side effects of the Yopo beans like an upset stomach and coughing. There should be NO Mapacho (tobacco) in it.

It is the single most potent Female spiritual plant medicine combination on the planet (very grounding female energy) used by the Yanomani, Sikuani and Piaroa shamans. The Piaroa shamans also ingest caapi prior to using the Ebene snuff to make it last longer. It is administered (blown) into the nostrils with a special blowpipe called "Kuripe" (self administration) or "Tepi" (another person administers) and it should be received naked (no clothe) if one wants to follow the original ceremonies.

Bufotenin molecule

Yopo beans (Anadenanthera peregrina) (Bufotenin, minor DMT and 5-MeO-DMT) They are used by the Sikuani, Piaroa and Yanomami people in the Amazon rainforest.

Virola Theiodora (DMT, 5-MeO-DMT) used by the Yanomami people in the Amazon rainforest. It has it's own MAO inhibitor so it does not require another herb to work together like in Ayahuasca.

Vilca beans (Anadenanthera colubrina, Cebil seeds) (12.4% Bufotenin, minor DMT and 5-MeO-DMT) very similar to the Yopo beans from south America.
The Wichí shamans use these beans under the name hatáj. They are an indigenous people of South America.

Piaroa tribe women

The Piaroa, unlike other South American societies, use the cambium layer (see below) in the elbow portions of the caapi vine, a bulbous part of the plant that only occurs on mature specimens. Shamans in certain areas of Piaroa territory believe that these portions of the plants provide the strongest possible hallucinogens. They describe the flavor as very strong and acrid. They consider it to be the “father of all capi,” and so strong that “it gives you visions all night.” They consume this prior to the Hisioma snuff and Virola snuff.

Yopo and Vilca beans contain high amounts of Bufotenin and the Hisioma snuff also combines this with super powerful caapi so do not underestimate the power of this combination. Just take a look at some of the trip reports on youtube of Bufo alone and you will understand what it will do if you also add a MAO inhibitor like caapi or Syrian Rue to the medicine.

Stay away from Rapé or at least find Mapacho Free Rapé (so no tobacco) This also means the products from www.shamanic-extracts.com/ even though it says Yanomani snuff, it contains tobacco and lime.

Click here to see more images of masters who also represent the plant medicine

BUFO ALVARIUS (Colorado river toad - Sasha Shulgin - normally smoked, poisonous when consumed, so do not lick !)

Same as the yopo snuff but normally smoked with much shorter duration

Psychoactive constituent: 5-MeO-DMT and Bufotenin (5-HO-DMT)

Bufotenin works almost immediately when smoked and peaks around 5 minutes, and can last up to 90 minutes. Even though it is a short experience do not underestimate the power of BUFO. A whole week you can still experience Bufo and it keeps on working with you. Now taking Caapi before using Bufo is too much for most people hence the Hisioma snuff is a better approach spiritually. You cannot compare this with Ayahuasca, it is completely different, less visuals and much more powerful. It is also non-dual and most people cannot even describe what happened like in Iboga and Amanita.
It is said that trace amounts of Bufotenin can also be found in velvet beans (mucuna pruriens seeds) and Mururi tea but no noticeable effects in these trace amounts.

-- -- --

Ayahuasca - the most famous one among the plant medicines

Click here to see more images of masters who represent the plant medicine

Psychoactive constituent: Harmala alkaloids, 5-MeO-DMT and DMT (opening the Rudra Granthi very powerfully)

DMT molecule

Serotonin neurotransmitter

Bufotenin molecule

As you can see, Bufo is the closest to the serotonin and DMT molecule and is by far also the most powerful in ceremonies.


5-MeO-DMT molecule


Ayahuasca (Daime) is a much more friendly and less time consuming version of Tabernanthe Iboga. Ayahuasca takes about 4 hours to complete while iboga takes at least 36 hours. The energy is inward similar to self-inquiry and moves into the direction of who you truly are while Iboga ignites the kundalini and is going upwards opening the crown very strongly.



Combining Buddhism with Ayahuasca - www.lotusvinejourneys.com

Ayahuasca is not one substance, but a traditional shamanic brew created from at least two, but often multiple Amazonian plants. The main ingredient is the vine Banisteriopsis caapi (an MAO inhibitor that inhibits the activity of monoamine oxidase enzymes that break down DMT - alternative is the Peganum Harmala seeds (Syrian rue)) which is brewed with the leaves or bark of other plants:

Psychotria viridis (Chacruna) (0.3% DMT and a little NMT) used in the Daime church -mild.

Jurema Inner root bark (Mimosa Hostilis) (2% DMT inner root, with NMT and a little harmala MAO inhibitor)

Acacia confusa bark from Hawaii (1.15% DMT and a little NMT)

Diplopterys cabrerana (Chaliponga) (1.0 % DMT, 5-MeO-DMT)

Combining these creates an end product that contains both DMT and an MAO inhibitor – usually harmaline, harmine, or d-Tetrahydroharmine – (such as the Syrian Rue, Acacia and Harmala) which when ingested results in an experience not soon forgotten. The actual effectiveness of Ayahuasca can vary greatly batch to batch, and will largely depend on the quality of the ingredients used in the brew, as well as the skill of the shaman brewing it.

The advantage of ayahuasca over psilocybe is that you can do multiple ceremonies day after day and even on the same day many do 2 to 3 rounds, because the MAO inhibitor will avoid tolerance buildup. However that is also the main disadvantage as it can interact with other drugs and might trigger serotonine syndrome, that is why I put psilocybe on top of the ayahuasca (especially the Panaeolus and the azurescence). So psylocybe is much safer and you cannot overdose yourself or get addicted, but you can only do 1 ceremony every 2 weeks because of tolerance.

The potent experience that can be gained from Ayahuasca is largely thanks to the combination of DMT and MAO inhibitors. Our bodies contain monoamine oxidase (MAO), an enzyme that quickly responds to DMT and breaks it down – dramatically shortening the life span and reducing the potency of any DMT ingested. By combining DMT with MAO inhibitors, Ayahuasca interferes with the function of these enzymes, preventing them from breaking down any DMT for a period of time. As you can imagine, this gives the DMT within Ayahuasca plenty of time to work its magic.

The effect of Ayahuasca is an intense and potent full-blown journey that lasts around 4-6 hours. It is often described as a vision; a dream-like sequence that can include the manifestation of spirits, animals, deities, demons and spiritual helpers. Some say they see the future, or things happening extremely far away. Others feel like they are flying, or that they are in a land of fractals and patterns. The user’s mind is taken out of this reality, and placed in another. With such a varied and powerful effect, it is no wonder that Ayahuasca has been used for spiritual and religious purposes for hundreds of years. Although the sought after effects of Ayahuasca are visionary in nature, it also produces physical effects. When drunk, Ayahuasca often causes the purge - vomiting and in some cases also diarrhoea. In the traditional use of Ayahuasca, this is seen as a cleansing experience, and often the traveller is aware of specific traumas which underlie the purge, and are thereby expelled. It can also cause tremors, cold flashes, sweating, increased heart rate, and variations blood pressure. While generally safe, the only real concern in the physical effects of Ayahuasca is the build of tyramine. Tyramine is a substance found in many foods that is broken down by MAO enzymes. However, as these are inhibited, tyramine cannot be properly dealt with. High levels of tyramine can cause a hypertensive crisis – although in the case of Ayahuasca, this seems to be theoretical, as there has not been a documented case of such a reaction happening.

In the west a lot of focus is put on the visuals (hallucinations) while in the east the focus is more on clearing stress and karma. Visions are mere thought (dreams) and have nothing to do with who you truly are. The best approach with Psychoactive herbs is clearing charges, stress and densities in the body / mind / spirit. If the visuals help you locate these trauma's and stresses perfect. If they lead you somewhere else, open your eyes and reset.

Visuals are nothing more than dreams... at best a tool to locate stress and trauma, nothing more.

DPT (the Light) is similar to Ayahuasca but seems to be more disconnected, lighter and less effective. DET (T-9) is basically the same as DMT but does not need a MAO inhibitor. Both are synthetic.

Lion's Mane mushroom with Ayahuasca

This powerful mushroom is traditionally from China and Japan and used for centuries. Modern science is perplexed by the incredible healing power of these fascinating mushrooms. The end of these fantastic mushrooms is not yet in sight! Lion’s Mane rallies in the absolute top of medicinal and beneficial mushrooms in the world. Which is why the fungus is called “King of Mushrooms.”
In combination with Ayahuasca, meaning not together in a ceremony but 2 weeks prior and after, it really synergetically boosts the rewiring in the brain.

Also combining ayahuasca with Neuro-mag from Life extension works very well but can be too intense, so be careful.

-- -- --

Peyote, San Pedro (Huachuma), Peruvian torch, Bolivian torch

Click here to see more images of masters who represent the plant medicine

Psychoactive constituent: Mescaline (opening the Vishnu Granthi very powerfully)

Mascaline molecule


Dopamine neurotransmitter

LSA (Morning Glory and Hawaiien baby woodrose)
Some claim that Mescaline is similar to LSD and LSA, well that is far from the truth. Just take a look at the LSA molecule above. Just stay away from LSD and LSA

Also stay away from MDMA, yes it has positive effects on PTSD (Ayahuasca is better) and is great at parties but if you are looking for spiritual gain and awakening of the kundalini, MDMA (XTC) is the wrong move. I have not seen any kundalini awakenings with people using MDMA nor lasting spiritual gain so...

Peyote has the most broad alkaloids making it very unique and powerful (the most energetic heart opener of all cacti) but do not underestimate Huachuma (opens a more broader area of the heart and sushumna) and the other mescaline carrying cacti.
It very much depends on the amount you take but it is guaranteed to open the heart ! The energy is very much outwards, opposite to Ayahuasca and self-inquiry - these go inwards. Instead do Kriya yoga meditation or Rigpa meditation with pranayama, it is the perfect match with these cacti. But once the cacti takes over, you will become helpless and control has no more meaning...






(Peyote and San Pedro are the most powerful Cacti - the male aspect of Iboga)

Below an interesting experience during peyote I found on a post from Marc Campbell:

"When the peyote came on, it came on strong. My home in the Berkeley Hills overlooked the bay and I could see the Chevron oil refinery in Richmond smudging the night sky with a reddish haze of sodium lamps and spewing infernal smoke like some futuristic version of hell. I felt a sense of dread. But soon the apocalyptic vision was swept away by a surge of powerful euphoric energy. My body started to hum and vibrate and I became aware of surging energy along my spine and pinwheels of light radiating from ganglion centers within my body. I gathered that this was the awakening of my kundalini and the sparking of my chakras. I know this sounds like new age jive talk. But it was 1969 and I was 18 years old. The new age was new and hadn't become an industry. The era of spiritual materialism was dawning, but hadn’t arrived yet. There were a handful of books by scholars of Eastern mysticism on the subject of kundalini and you had to make an effort to seek out this information. I’d read John Woodroffe’s book The Serpent Power: The Secrets of Tantric and Shaktic Yoga and knew a little bit about the dormant energy coiled like a snake at the base of the spine waiting to be awakened. I had also read about about the chakras: seven clusters of energy bundled within nerves that radiate along the spine. I had read it, but I wasn’t sure I believed it. Well, peyote introduced me to all of this in precise and intricate detail. The connection between flesh and spirit wasn’t conceptual, it was manifest right there in the moment."


-- -- --


Below are some plant medicines used in ceremonies however I do not consider them useful for
kundalini development compared to the above master plants.

Blue Lotus (Nymphaea Caerulea)

Psychoactive constituent: Nuciferine and aporphine


Now the Blue lotus is not so much a kundalini booster (a little) but shows you the Zen state that is awaiting you when you dive into deep meditation. So that is why it is last on the list.

It always reminds me of the story in the bible about Moses and Aaron that appear before the pharaoh when Aaron's rod is transformed into a serpent. The pharaoh's sorcerers are also able to transform their own rods into serpents, but Aaron's swallows them. - Exodus 7:12

This story translated to me as the Amanita muscaria mushroom is much more powerful in awakening the kundalini than the Blue Lotus.

The Blue Lotus Flower (Nymphaea Caerula) is one of the only Lotus Flowers (along with the White Lotus Flower) to be native to Egypt. It is thought that many cultures and religions associate the Blue Lotus Flower with rebirth and enlightenment in a passionate way. Historically, the Blue Lotus Flower has been seen in artwork as well as drawings inside tombs, caves, and temples. They were often used to show a soul being reincarnated or rebirth. It is also said that priests and nuns would use the Lotus Flower to make tea. By drinking this tea, they are said to have experienced a psychedelic and sedative period of time for which their senses would be heightened and provide a more intense spiritual ritual.

Various religious characters are seen resting, sitting or holding a Lotus Flower as a sign of devotion and trust in the religion as well as its pure intentions.

The Tibetten Green Tara is always accompanied with the blue lotus, to help you overcome difficulties on the spiritual path.

Salvia divinorum (also known as sage of the diviners, ska maría pastora, seer's sage, yerba de la pastora)

Psychoactive constituent: Salvinorin A (not toxic - and not a 5-HT2A receptor agonist, so arguably it is not even a psychedelic - it only links to ϰ-opioid)
By mass, salvinorin A "is the most potent naturally occurring hallucinogen (only the synthetic LSD is more twice as potent)

Salvinorin A

Originally and still used by Mazatec shamans of Mexico to facilitate shamanic visions of the divine. Maria Sabina, a Mazatec shaman, introduced the world to this herb. Aside from individual reported experiences there has been a limited amount of published work summarizing salvia divinorum effects. A survey of salvia users found that 38% described the effects as unique in comparison to other methods of altering consciousness. 23% said the effects were like yoga, meditation or trance. Users have written prose about their experiences; some describing their visions pictorially, and there exist examples of visionary art which are 'salvia-inspired'. Others claim musical inspiration from the plant. Very interesting spiritual plant medicine, yet does not really activate the kundalini.

Now Salvia does not clear karma, for some reason you cannot experience it fully but see stuff at a distance. This among with the fact that it does not awaken the kundalini it makes it not really interesting. It does break reality faster then anything else. So if you really belief in the universe as a fixed thing, Salvia can be of great help showing you it is just like a dream, but even more strange like feeling colors.

The natives do NOT smoke Salvia, but chew the leaves.

More info here

Nutmeg ceremony

Psychoactive constituent: myristicin and elemicin

Similar to peyote at 7 grams or more however almost no visuals and more uncomfortable (weakness, loss of coordination, vertigo, fainting, nausea, and paresthesias). Do not underestimate the effects of nutmeg, never use high dosages and never combine with other drugs. Much used these days in yoga retreats.

Cacao ceremonies

Cacao ceremonies bring love into your system. Raw cacao from Peru is very powerful and grounding and those from Bali are lighter and opening up the top part, so combining these two is the best for a ceremony. Lots of caffeine...

-- -- --

(Art above by maxinemillerstudios and Jan Frans de Boever center image painted in 1910)


Datura (Jimson weed), Mandrake, Henbane, Belladonna, Hawaiian baby woodrose, Kwashi, HierbaLoca, Taglli, Brugmansia, Morning Glory and the Sorcerer's tree

Witchcraft can be found all over the planet and is basically the practice of magical skills, spells, and abilities. Mostly practised by women (> 90%) in the past for the simple reason that the plant medicine were made into ointments and inserted intravaginally - something a man cannot do :) Most of these plants gave the ability to exteriorize (sense of flying).

Because they are all toxic, exhibiting the dark side of spirituality and have little to no effect on the kundalini - DO NOT USE - only use the essence if you want to connect with the plant.

I have made a separate webpage for the toxic herbs such as Chiric Sanango, Kambo and many others: Click here to visit

Plant medicine essence

As said before, you do not need to dive into psychedelics or step into the toxic herbs to benefit their gifts. You can also go for the essence which basically is like homeopathy where there is no active substance anymore left, only the energy of the plant, toxic free.

Datura plant essence is non-toxic and safe to use.


A flower essence of fresh blooms from belladonna, datura, henbane, and mandrake. Non-toxic and safe to use.

Liberation - the remedy

Liberation sets the standard for a new realm of human optimization and consciousness raising tools. An ancient combination of alchemical remedies resurrected and amplified with recently discovered modern technology, bringing new life to a powerful and deep acting yet gentle awakening tool.

A remedy which walks the talk in its ability to support individuals in the activation of the mind, body and soul through purification of karmic imprints and stagnant emotional debris. Becoming free of these energetic drains gives one back ones power so we can all be who we were meant to be from the start, liberated and free.

Souldrops (Sol = Yang / Lun = Jing / Cosmos = Shen)

SOUL DROPS are all-natural, legal, sacred plant microdosing. With just a dropper per day, these unique herbal supplements empower you to feel better, more balanced, connected, relaxed, intuitive, creative, inspired, energetic, focused, and integrated.

Sol is based on San Pedro energy - brings positive energy (Joy) to the day. Just one dropper in the morning provides clarity, connectedness and calm with an energy boost for physical and emotional balance. Ingredients: Spring water, Opuntia cactus, elemi, ajmoda, madhura.

Lun is based on Ayahuasca energy - it brings relaxed energy (Peace) to the evening. Only one dropper at the end of the day offers a deep sense of serenity and healing while opening up spiritually. Ingredients: Spring water, boa vine, vilcacora, taheebo, wild rue.

Cosmos is based on Iboga energy - it enhances lucid dreaming and self-awareness (induce inspiration). Just one dropper before bed draws you into deep restful sleep while tuning into intuitive wisdom. Taken during the day, Cosmos inspires creativity and awareness. Ingredients: spring water, abuelo sanango, vilcacora, taheebo, wild rue.

-- -- --

4) EoE Kundalini tools

EoE tools (Era of Enlightenment)

The most powerful tool to awaken and develop the kundalini up to now are the EoE pendants and systems from Era of Enlightenment. These little tools just break through any and every barrier that blocks the kundalini from totally opening up. They are extremely potent and permanently energized. The energizing method used, takes up to a month in a specially designed crystal kundalini generator that links all the crystals to the jeeva samadhi's, Maha samadhi's and the rainbow bodies seen on this website among other. This linkage is never broken unless you meld or completely destroy the pendant. EoE introduced the first generation kundalini generator to Circle of Rotations in 2014 that produced the MX2 products. In April 2016 EoE developed the second generation kundalini generator and started producing their own products. For those who have experienced them already, there is no doubt to the power they contain, but be aware that emotional garbage and other karmic stuff will float to the surface wanting to be cleared. The pendant will not bypass your spiritual lessons so be ready for it as it will accelerate the whole process of awakening many fold.

The EoE Kundalini Vogel pendant (link)

The EoE Blessed you are (Link)

-- -- --

Other tools
that can also be very useful in opening up the granthi's, awakening and boosting the kundalini and clearing mental and emotional charge:

Click to enlarge

Tachyon vortex pendant 301

Click to enlarge

Tachyon stargate
a very powerful crystal to let all the life energy simply flow again where it previously was stuck


Transformation Pad

These Pads are a new way to support a positive and healthy life through a programming with the divine source. All necessary information and subtle energies are drawn from there.

This pad has the capability to clean and transform any given object or space energetically, including chakras, water, food, jewelry, crystals etc., works great on environmental stress like high frequency electrosmog and geopathical stress, too.

Trauma Pad

These Pads are a new way to support a positive and healthy life through a programming with the divine source. All necessary information and subtle energies are drawn from there.

This pad has been made in order to transform old traumatic informations, that are not needed any more for our lifes path. It works on all levels: Cellular, energetically, emotionally and on the informational level.

64 ARK® Crystal Assembly – Isotropic Vector Matrix

Following the unified physics principles of inventor and physicist Nassim Haramein, a precise dimensional ratio was found in which the tetrahedral ARK crystals would form optimal harmonic resonances with vacuum-coupling acoustic and electromagnetic frequencies. These structural and dimensional characteristics appear to endow the ARK crystals with a profound ability to link with the non-local entanglement network and energetic dynamics of the quantum vacuum.

The Xenomide

Warm and hart opening energy emitting positive ions as well.

SadGuru Sannidhi

Very powerful

John of God wooden triangle, opens the heart and activates the kundalini

Vital-energi-tech Love Harmony plate





Hyperschall technologies

System 4 Technologies - The human regenerator (bit excessive in price but...)

Dominus cervix stargate ( in combination with 6 tachyon stargates, John of God triangle and Isha foundation shiva lingam and crystals in our living room)


-- -- --

5) Self inquiry / Togal / Satsang


There is a whole separate webpage dedicated to self-inquiry that is how important this type of meditation is for self-realization and beyond. Click here

Self-inquiry may not be the fastest or most powerful tool for kundalini awakening but it is an absolute must ! Without it, all other methods will waste away. That is why self-inquiry is placed on number 3. All methods and techniques on this page should have self-inquiry at it's core. Without it, you will end up in a kundalini crisis or get stuck somewhere else. Self inquiry guides the kundalini into the right energetic pathways and rewires the brain correctly towards full awakening and beyond. There is a yoga branch that deals with this type of meditation, it is called Jnana Yoga.

Togal is the most effective Buddhistic technique on the planet to reach the final stages of kundalini development. This is the last step that will eventually bring you into the state of rainbow body, however this step is confidential. It is the last step in Dzogchen Buddhism and has many similarities with self-inquiry but is much broader.

-- -- --

6) Shaktipath and Satsangs

Shaktipath is the direct awakening of the kundalini with the help of a master who ignites it for you. It differs from Darshans and is not as powerful but still very effective. Deeksha is a shaktipath from the top down that does not awaken the kundalini directly but makes the path free for the eventual awakening of the kundalini. Satsangs are indirectly developing the kundalini and depending o the master that shares satsangs, it can be very powerful. Tantra can be the most powerful shaktipath but these days it is a touchy subject...


Satsang with Isaac Shapiro in the Netherlands

More info on Satsangs and Darshans here

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7) Pranayama / Rebirthing



Rebirthing and Holotropic breathing are extremely powerful methods to awaken and develop the kundalini. They can be as powerful as San Pedro and can jump-start the kundalini or at least clear the pathway for the awakening to take place safely.


Rebirthing on SAMOTHRAKI Island in Greece

Kapalbhati, or breath of fire is also a very effective pranayama for kundalini development.

The most powerful pranayama is Kumbhaka or similar breath retention as in Togal (Dzogchen Buddhism) that pulls the kundalini up and really starts the kundalini fire. The dark side of this is found in Erotic asphyxiation, stay way from that but it shows you how powerful this breathwork is.

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8) Tantra

You can make it a very large and complicated subject such as Vajrayana Buddhism and the Japanese Shinto but essentially tantra is all about bringing the sexual energy up into the body and clearing energetic blockages until all is open and free. Pierre Bernard did the opposite and only introduced the sexual part of tantra to the west.

If done correctly (better with the help of a good teacher) you can awaken the kundalini in one Tantra session, that is how powerful this is. It can and should be combined with other techniques such as pranayama and self-inquiry (Trekchod is the best combination). But you can also combine it with yoga:

Nude Yoga

Now why nude and not just normal yoga? Very simple, nude yoga activates the kundalini energy much better then any other form of yoga I know of. Just drop the idiocrasy about being naked - yes your body is not perfect, yes people will look at you if you allow them and no you are not having sex and no it has nothing to do with sex - you are just like any other life form on earth, without clothe and free!

If this is a step to much consider a visit to the Elaisawellness in Belgium. A spiritual sauna complex with crystals, Temazcaland no clothe. Here you will understand the freedom and power of simply being naked.

-- -- --

The best Tantra herbs (non-psychedelic kundalini herb) is a combination of the following 3:

Black Maca (most powerful Yang ) long term

MTCA (MAO inhibitor)


The active MACA molecule, basically giving you more potential kundalini energy, meaning the energy can flow more powerfully and longer over time. Jing herbs take time to build up, so it is not a trip or ceremony herb.

Yohimbe (most powerful Yin herb) short term

Yohimbe molecule

Yohimbine interacts with serotonin and dopamine receptors in high concentrations but is non-psychedelic. Basically similar to Ayahuasca and Huachuma / Peyote combined, non-dual without the visuals. Now you cannot combine Ayahuasca (DMT) with Huachuma (Mascaline) as it cancels each other out like high and low PH, bitter and sweet. But with Yohimbe, like Amanita Muscaria and iboga you can. Yohimbe in large quantities is extremely powerful, so be careful. It reverses sedation drugs and gives a lot of energy. It is not however an aphrodisiac or erectile fixer. Many people cannot sleep because of the energy and feel heart palpitations in the beginning.

It tastes like licorice so that is much more joy to the mouth then Ayahuasca or the other plants :)


Epimedium molecule

This is by far the most effective herb if your libido is low. Within a week of use you feel like you are 20 years old again. Great for tantra...

These are the best for Tantra.

-- -- --

The Jing, Qi (Yin/Yang) and Shen herbs.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM, Jing, Qi and Shen are considered the 3 Treasures of Sanbao. They are the cornerstones of Neidan, Qigong and T'ai chi practices - all spiritual and very energetic. Jing, Qi and Shen are the "essence, life-force, and spirit" cornerstones.

Jing naturally transforms into Qi, Qi naturally transforms into Shen, and Shen naturally transforms into pure openness (oneness), uniting with the cosmic space.”
-Master Li, The Book of Balance and Harmony

Jing herbs build the kundalini energy, Qi is the flow of this energy, yang burns the kundalini energy and shen is the light that is produced by this process.

More info about the Jing / Qi / Shen here

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Adaptogenic herbs are basically fuel for the kundalini process and that is why you find most adaptogens also in sex enhancer supplements because they fire up (or relight) the tantra kundalini energy. Adaptogens normally help you adapt to stress (physical, chemical, biological and emotional / mental) and lower cortisol. As we deal with the many stresses of modern life, there is a greater need to have an adaptive reserve of energy. We often can minimize most of the daily stresses of life and we may have our own stress busters such as exercise, meditation or yoga, etc. that help us. Herbal adaptogens are another tool for combating stress. They help build a reserve of adaptive energy (or vitality) and boost energy reserves. This energy helps keep the body balanced when affected by multiple stressors or harmful influences. We never want to run low on adaptive energy. When our adaptive energy is exhausted we become prey to chronic illness, exhaustion and fatigue.

You have to experiment with them as they can also fire up the kundalini too much and you end up with blocked nostrils (sinusitis). Try the herb Eyebright to calm down the sinuses.

-- -- --

Some herbs are really unknown yet work very well. For example:

Huanarpo macho works by blocking what’s called the alpha-adrenergic receptors that may prevent one’s hormones from travelling towards the penis’ tissue. By building this barrier, some of its main benefits may include: enhanced sexual intercourse, reduced premature ejaculation, increased energy levels, and may induce higher testosterone levels.

Typhana Capensis (Bangalala) The Bangalala root has a reputation of being one of one of the most powerful sexual tonics. It has been used for centuries by African men for sexual energy and potency. It is also known as Mvusa Nkunzi, Chigwan or Vukuhlale in its native South Africa. Discovered over centuries by our African Ancestors, Bangalala is used to increase sexual energy and potency. Referred to as the alternative to Viagra, Bangalala is a powerful aphrodisiac usually prescribed to men, however women are also known to use this powerful sexual tonic. Bangalala & Love Reed has phytosteroids that are metabolized to androgen, which deals much with sexual behavior and erection.

Now there is one extremely potent tantra substance called PNTx2-6, that is an extract from the venom of the Phoneutria Nigriventer
Time will tell what this product will mean in the yang category.

-- -- --

Avoid these herbs, they are not healthy: 3,4-Divanillyltetrahydrofuran, Bulbine Natalensis, Fadogia Agrestis, Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa.

To look at all the different kundalini / Aphrodisiac herbs, including a description of most of the Dragon herb ingredients:

All Tantra herbs

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9) Kriya Yoga



Kriya Yoga is extremely effective once the kundalini has awakened, though you should combine this technique with self-inquiry. The best kriya yoga are from Sri-M and Yogiraj.

Officially these levels are confidential so you can visit their website for more info.

Vaasi Yoga

Vaasi yoga is a form of yoga that focuses on the subtle inner breath (vaasi) and the channels (nadi) through which energy flows in the breathing process. As the most advanced form of pranayama, it does not involve breathing through the nostrils, but is an inner form of breathing. Vaasi yoga is considered by different teachers to be synonymous to or part of Siddha yoga, Kriya yoga or Gathagatham. Mostly practiced in south India

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10 ) Pilgrim Tours

Matrimandir - Auroville


Oneness temple - Andra Predesh

Dhyanalinga temple - Coimbatore

Arunachala (South India)

Shrine of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar - the place the Soefi whirling


There are many more beautiful and powerful places to visit that will transform your lives. The best websites for these places are:

https://sacredsites.com/ (For the location of the sites)

https://www.sacredearthjourneys.ca (For organized tours)

Soefi whirling (dance) in Turkey - a great way to activate and develop the kundalini

That also brings me to the last part of the webpage - Music :)

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Music and dance


62 inch earth gong is the best instrument for kundalini awakening and development


The 80 inch Paiste Symphonic Gong or 90 inch are also very good.

https://spiritconnection.nl (Gong ceremonies)

For a more complete list of great meditation music and kundalini dance music click below:

Spiritual music