Jeeva Samadhi

What is a Jeeva Samadhi?

Jeeva or Sajeeva / Jiva / Samadhi also known in Tibetten as the state of Tukdam means "becoming one" with the universal consciousness or merging with the Divine. It has different terms and is used as different words in different religions. Buddhists call it Nirvana and Christians call it ecstasy or 'merging with the spirit'. In samadhi one remains immersed in infinite bliss and the time one can remain in samadhi ranges from few minutes to time infinite. After a divine person takes samadhi there are various ways of preserving or disposing the physical body. It may be:
Earth burial, which is called Bhoo Samadhi / Water burial - Jal Samadhi / Fire cremation - Agni Samadhi or Agni Dah. In the ancient times there were 3 more methods used - The body being consumed by birds or wild beasts (followed by Parsis) / Being preserved in the caves / Mummifying (As in the Egyptian pyramids)

Jeeva Samadhi however is entirely different from the other types mentioned above, including Maha samadhi mentioned on another page on this site and can only be achieved by great yogis. It is a very advanced samadhi state closely related to the nirvikalpa samadhi state but then permanent. In Maha samadhi the body will decay over time and the energy will leave the body upon death. In Jeeva samadhi you cannot say the body dies nor can you say it is still alive, however the energy will remain in and around the body as if it were still alive and the body will not decay over time but dry out (or extremely slow decay as in some cases). This is a state where Siddhas enters into the samadhi state at their own volition after completion of their mission on earth and their mind completely dissolved into the Divine, They stop the functioning of the body and mind.

This state can be done by them either after being enclosed or before enclosure, as they choose and as per the instructions they give totTheir disciples/followers. Stopping the body functions, the Siddha ensures by his spiritual achievement that the life force does not go out of the body. This body will never or extremely slowly decay for thousands of years because the magnetic force in the body now acts as the life force (prana) in this body. In this state of suspended animation the breathing and blood circulation completely stops but the pranic forces keep the body cells nourished and in a semi-alive state. Then as invisible forces, they continue guiding mankind towards spiritual upliftment. There is a possibility that the Siddha can dematerialize his body from the tomb and materialize it elsewhere in some different location and carry out the mission for another span of years! For example Sadasiva Brahmendra has 3 Jeeva samadhi's at different locations all quite powerful and some say he is still around.

Vadalur Mouna Siddhar, 2 days prior Jeeva Samadhi
(March 2022, Vadalur, Tamil Nadu, India)

Annai Neelammaiyar entering Jeeva samadhi Siddha Surya Narayan swami in Jeeva samadhi

Hambo Lama Itigelov over 87 years in Jeeva samadhi. The white powder on his clothe is salt, to avoid moisture buildup.


A unique film showing a buddhist entering jeeva samadhi

200 years in Jeeva samadhi: Teacher of Lama Dashi Dorzho Itigilov

Every Siddha before taking Jeeva Samadhi, gives specific instructions on how the tomb should be made and how their bodies must be placed and other instructions so that they can benefit the maximum to the world. Hambo Lama Itigilov for example left a testament asking to be buried as he was at the time of his death, sitting in lotus posture. According to his wishes, his body was put into a pine box and interred at a bumkhan (a graveyard for the lama burials) in the locality of Khukhe-Zurkhen. In south India you find much more complex Jeeva samadhi structures for channeling the energies and some are complete temples that basically represent the jeeva samadhi himself in the structure. This way the temple is used as a reminder that our inner spiritual journey is through internal yoga to realize the indweller God.


900 years Jeeva samadhi of Buddha Zhanggong (inside statue)
(Yangchun village in Southeast China's Fujian province - reported stolen by Oscar van Overeem but in the process of being returned.

Saint Bernadette Soubirous (1879 Jeeva Samadhi)

In Jeeva Samadhi, the physical body of the Siddha remains intact and suspended in a semi-alive state for thousands of years. When a spiritual aspirant goes in the vicinity of the Jeeva Samadhi, he receives blessings and guidance from the Siddha emitting his divine energies. This is one of the ways of communicating with Siddhas. Now, the Jeeva Samadhi is nothing but one big kundalini energy field and in the vicinity of the high energy fields, the seeker's kundalini also rises. Actually it is a very old custom in India that when one starts his spiritual journey within, he/she visits all saints and samadhis of saints and also the holy temples. To get the kundalini flowing correctly without problems and without meditating for decates trying to ignite it, this is the best way. There is a saying that if one even gets a glance of saints his sins would get burnt by the kundalini and thus he would be purified.

Temple layout side view. Jeeva samadhi most of the time located under Ajna chakra (third eye)

Some Siddhas have different instructions specific for the kind of rituals to be done on the samadhi like using certain mantras there, poojas, offering dhoop (thick smoke), feeding the poor in those locations, worship during certain days and time, etc.

Siddha Rameswara Jeeva samadhi
Keregodi Rangapura Sri Math, Tiptur, Tumkur district

Easoor Sachidananda Jeeva samadhi

Mayamma Devi Jeeva samadhi temple

Who gets benefited?
The point is that just going and visiting the Jeeva Samadhi will not be of any help. It is only when one is open and receptive that things happen. One has to approach with pure intentions and love for the Siddhas and to what they have to offer, then only the connection and grace would flow within. This is a beautiful way for Siddhas to lock the energies or avoid misuse.
Everywhere the principle is the same. Like many saints say, if one is not open and accept the grace, there is no way anyone can force it through one. Thus it is best to just trust, have faith and surrender. This works everywhere - even if one had to walk into a temple or any other holy place. Meditating at Jeeva Samadhis in the 'right' way with the 'right' approach brings in the desired results and much beyond. It is better to spend at least a minimum of 20-30 minutes at a Jeeva Samadhi in meditation. Knowing by now how the Siddhas work it would be foolish to say that one has to go to the physical vicinity of Jeeva Samadhis to receive their energies but one can even connect from wherever they are. That is one of the reasons why this webpage came into existance so as to make it much easier to connect to the jeeva samadhis and receive their blessings as just reading about it. However, the main intent of sharing on Jeeva Samadhi is so that even if you ever come across one, you would not want to miss spending some time there and connecting to the Siddha and their loving and powerful energies.

Jeeva Samadhis are energy spots or energy banks supplying infinite amount of kundalini energy at all times. Such is their compassion for all that they are alive only for others who silently work for the well being of the creation. Mahavatar Babaji says that had it not been for these Holy Siddhas who are spread all around the world in the form of Shree Chakra, the world would have moved by now rapidly towards doom. It is only due to their constant and silent efforts in the background that things are kept in balance. They have also averted many such dooms in the past created by human ignorance. Jeeva Samadhi is one such way by them to create energy pockets at different locations. In all my travels i was amazed to see Siddhas and Jeeva Samadhis in the most least expected locations, from remote villages to places of filth, crime and mishaps to the most modern cities. The reason why they choose such locations, only they know.

It is clear that Tamilnadu has one very intelligent way of making use of Jeeva Samadhis. Almost all holy and ancient temples in Tamilnadu HAS to have a Jeeva Samadhi! Interesting? We got so accustomed to this that whenever we saw a very ancient temple we were sure there is a Siddha in there in a Jeeva Samadhi! Now the intelligent way people of Tamilnadu have worked it out is that they built temples around the Jeeva Samadhis. People going to these temples are benefited when they go to pray to the deity there and many report feeling relief, peace, spiritual upliftment and their prayers being answered. The main powerhouse of energy here are the Jeeva Samadhis. Normally, it is thought that Siddhas took Jeeva Samadhi in temples, but in fact it is the other way round - temples were built where Siddhas took Jeeva Samadhi :) Ancient temples you can find in every nook and corner of Tamilnadu including Chennai City. There are close to about 300 Jeeva Samadhis in Tamilnadu itself.

What to expect while visiting a Jeeva Samadhi.
Unfortunately many samadhis have poor maintenance or no maintenance at all.
Some are maintained by followers, some by the Trust or some foundation, some by the ones who own that piece of land and some by none or you may say are 'abandoned'.
Most of the time many do not know what it is. Sometimes they are just worshiped as temples. I have seen Jeeva Samadhis in very bad physical condition. At one place the whole temple was destroyed and the owner of the land died, only the jeeva samadhi survived as it was placed underground. However, even though there was no temple or structure, the energy was very powerful!

Kulandaivel-Paradesi Jeeva samadhi temple, well temple gone...
(Reconstruction taking place as of 2015. Latest news march 2015: jeeva samadhi now back to darshan state)

In some places the caretakers were not even aware that it is a Jeeva Samadhi such as St Lourdes Xavier near Thirukattupalli.
At some places, the samadhis are kept in very good condition and maintained very well and thus given it's due attention and respect.
In some samadhis, we found were strictly maintained under the supervision of the priest or trustees.

Nemelli-Arulmigu-Aalavandar Jeeva samadhi temple, abandoned...

Roma Maharishi Jeeva samadhi - an example of a well maintained jeeva samadhi (Yup the only white guy in the photo that's me and the caretakers of the temple are in the middle, Dhamothara & Manimagalai, you can call them for further inquiries on +914425992902)

Some samadhis have 'rules' where one is not allowed in at certain timings or unless men take off their shirts. Most of the samadhis/temples do not allow short pants, T-shirts, Caps or anything that does not on Indian tradition. These have to be adhered to so that the sanctity and respects to their sentiments are maintained.
Some samadhis have restricted entry only to the point that you can see them, sometimes beyond locked netted gates and sometimes entry allowed to the point where you can even touch them.

Example of a Jeeva samadhi in Chennai where it is even expected from you to touch the samadhi of the saint itself.

At some samadhis photography and video is strictly prohibited but at some samadhis we were encouraged to take photographs and spread the message.
Some samadhis are very prominent and can be known from a distance but some will deceive the eyes. They can be huge tomb built on it or it might be just one small Shivalinga on the ground and nothing else around. Some may even be just a small stone.

Sarbasiddhar-Adi-Jivapidam-Govindaraj-Nakar-Mangadu Jeeva samadhi temple, an example of just a stone, but then a big one. The Jeeva samadhi is under the stone. The story goes that on one day the caretaker came to the temple and opened up its door to find that the big stone had turned 180 degrees by itself.

Some jeeva samadhi's are build near to or on top of the saints meditation spot such as a cave or meditation room and these places still have their personal items there such as their bed and clothe as they too emit some of the energy from the saint.

Mouna nirvana swamigal temple, next to his jeeva samadhi where he used to meditate and sleep.

It is a boon for a seeker if he is energy-sensitive and can detect and connect to it easily.
Most of the samadhis/temples remain closed from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. and some till 6 p.m.. They open at 6 a.m. and close by 8 p.m. No entry is allowed in closed timings. However, if the jeeva samadhi saint wants you to be there even at closure time, miracles will happen and the temples will remain open, I have seen this many times.
One can be easily misguided at samadhi locations by people around due to lack of awareness on their part, incomplete or wrong information they have known or for some vested interests. It is important to only connect with the samadhi. However, at some places we have got the best of information from very genuine people that led to more of further connections with that Siddha and his work around. But it is better not to judge anyone because one will never know who comes in what form :)

If you are interested in more info about these Jeeva Samadhi's or even want a tour to find them personally you can contact these two options below or arrange it yourself as how I did it.


M. Muthu Maheswaran

+91 9840411176

Another great source who has visited many of these sites as well is Praba Kara.

Praba Kara

E. Prabakaran
18/39, Bavaji Nagar Chengam Road
Thiruvannamalai, 606 601 Tamil Nadu

-- -- --

Click on the Tamil Nadu map to enlarge as to find many of the jeeva samadhi locations of the saints below. Some numbers are double because the location contains more then 1 jeeva samadhi.
click here to download a PDF file for all the locations

89 Sri Math Easoor Sachithananda swamigal Saba (my favourite)

Ganeshpuri, Maharashtra

Siva Prabakara Siddha Yogi
(Kerala - near Amritanandamaji (he was Amritananda's teacher)) google location
For more images click here

81 Thopa swamigal
Thopa Swamigal Madaalayam , Saidapet, Vellore
Image 1

17 Poondi Mahan
Kalasapakkam (between Thiruvannamalai and Polur)
for more images got to Poondi mahan.htm

91 Paranjothi Mahan
Universal Peace Sanctuary , No. 7/4, T.H. Road, New Washermenpet, (Near Tolgate Bus Terminus) ,Chennai – 600 081. Tamilnadu, India. Mobile: +91 94441 38074
Image 1 / image 2 / image 3 / image 4 / image 5

Mahayogini Manikeshwari (march 2020 samadhi) // Gurmatkal (60km southwest of Hyderabad). She does not eat nor drink (a true breatharian, like Prahlad Jani) and
I have personally witnessed that she can also remain in a non-breathing state while remaining functional (nirvikalpa samadhi but functional - just amazing)
For more images click here: image 1, image 2

Jeeva Samadhi of Mahayogini

6 Pamban swamigal
Location: Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai

28 Gnananda
Tapovanam, 3km northwest Thirukovilur (opposite jeeva samadhi very powerful ashram created by Gnanananda Niketan himself)

62 Mouna Jothi Nirvana swamigal
Location: Jothi nirvana swamigal temple, Kasavanapatti, Dindigul, Tamilnadu

Dzongsar Khyentse Chokyi Lodro - Western Sikkim, northeastern India

58 Mayandi -


67 Kodi swami
Koti swami madam, Puravipalayam, Pollachi

7 Aganda Paripurana Satchidananda swamigal
Location: Gurushetram, Selaiyur (near Rajakilpakkam - east Tembaram), Chennai 600073

74 Sadasiva
Location: Sadasiva Brahmendrar Temple, Nerur (North Karur), Tamilnadu

91 Padakacheri Ramalinga
Location: next to Vallalar Temple , Pattinathar koil Street, Thiruvottiyur, north Chennai

Sri la sri Saravanthapavar swamigal // Nepala Manner sri la sri Rajaram swamigal // Padakatchari Ramalinga

Achar Avadhuta Baba
Koilandi Kerala

Sri Arulveli Siddhar Baba

Ponnambalam Swami
south of Chennai, google maps: 12.703949, 80.128839

93 Virarakavar swamigal -

51 Judge swamigal
Bhuvaneswari Amman temple, Pudukottai

21 Isaniya Gnana Desikar -

Sri Subbaiya Odha swamigal (Dindigul)

He was Ramana Maharshi's guru.

Brahmananda -

Chidambaram swamigal
Location: Thiruporur, south Chennai

4 Chidambara Periya swamigal
Location: 1 Velachery road (near dandeeswarar temple), Velachery, Chennai

Manuur swamigal
Manuur, Near Palani
Call T. Parasakti (caretaker) for more info on 097861 47033

Guru mudalvar Arulmugu NamachivayaMurthigal

Tattuvaraya swamigal
location: Irumbudur, which lies between Vriddhachalam and Chidambaram.

Govinda swamigal -
Andhra Predesh

92 Roma Maharishi
Vadivudaiamman temple, Thiruvottiyur, Chennai

Arulmuga Magnana Sivasariyar

Bede Griffiths
Near Trichi

Velliangiri swamigal
Next to Jaggi Vasudev - Coimbatore

dayvasikamani swamigal

Jagadguru Swami Sathyananda Saraswathi
South Kerala

Muniswami Appar
South of Bangalore

Pepaar swamigal
Image 2

Pillaiappar swamigal
Next to bangalore on the side of Tamil Nadu

Ramanagiri swamigal
On the south side of the Kolli Hills
Image 2

34 Sri Guru Siddhananda swamigal

52 Bhramarishi Sri Kulumi Anantha swamy Madalayam

Kuzhumikarai varaganeri [ponaiya hr sec school near]
Thiruchirapali - 602 008 TamilNadu

Sri Latsumana swamigal

6 Sri Sakkarai ammal
Next to Pamban swamigal
# 75 Kalkshetra Road Thiruvanmiyur Chennai 600 041 India
Tel: +91-44-2452 1236

Sri Sunapathi swamigal

SrilaSri Murukananda swamigal
Next to Poondi Mahan Jeeva samadhi

(near 67) Srila sri Azhukku siddhar (Somappa swami)
Vettaiaranpudur (south west Pollachi)

Sri Vijayagopala Yathi swamigal


Srimat Palani swamigal
1 hour drive from Tiruvannamalai


Kugai Namasivayar
Virupaksha Cave - Tiruvannamalai

16 Vitoba swamigal
North of Tiruvannamalai (near Poondi Mahan)
For more images click here: image 1 / image 2 / image 3

Sri Kwandayananda Maharshi

Vannasarabam Dhadapani swami

Thiruvamattur / Viluppuram

Swami Sai Das

Swami Sai Das temple
Perumpakam road, Pandethapattu village, Tiruvannamalai

Andhuguru Swamigal
Perambur - Chennai

Appudu swamigal // aka High court swami
Tiruottriyur - Kolathur

Ramanada swamigal

Kanniyappa Swamy
Ambattur - Chennai

Mannivakkam Baba
Mannivakkam - Vandalur - Chennai

Srimath Sivagnana Balaya swami

Piramma Sri Om Naadha Swamigal

Ragavan Swamy
Rajakulipettai / south Chennai.

SadGuru Ganapathi Swamigal

Sri Namapally Baba (Hyderabad) image 2 / 3 / 4

Sri Annan swamigal -

Angapradhakshanam Annamalai Swamigal

Koli hills Swayamprakasha Bhremendra Saraswathi -

Sri Narasimha Saraswati

Next to Sri Subramanuim Temple - Tapah, Perak, Malaysia

13 Adi Sankara
Location: Kamakshi Amman temple, Kanchipura,

85 Karaikal Ammayar -

Petraiadi Sri Nayanar swamigal -

48 Danbula siddhar -

63 Sri la sri Eswarapatta (Palani)

2 Kulandaivel swamigal
Location: Abraham nagar, Alandur (near E.B. office) Chennai

Kathirkama swamigal - Sirkali
It is between the sirkali-Mayiladuthurai (the old route. Not the recent bypass). The bus stop is called Uppanaaru. This is the place where swamigal's sanctum is created after him attaining Nirvikalpa Samadhi

9 Mouna swamigal
Location: Mouna swamigal madam, Thiruporur, Chennai

T.C. Ekambara Mouna Swami

27 Pirammarishi Issaki sidhar (Esakki)
Giri valam (near Panchamuka) north Arunachala, Thiruvannamali

Kuppu swamigal


Samarapuri swamigal


Manickam swamigal


12 Podaa swamigal
Location: Siva swami madam, Kanchipuram
Image 2 / image 3

Gopal swamigal


Sri Mani swamigal


24 Seshandri
next to Ramana Ashram, Thiruvannamalai

56 Natana Gopala Nayagi -

93 Melanaguru swamigal -


25 Adi Mudi siddhar
Giri valam (near Surya lingam) west Arunachala, Thiruvannamalai

77 Mayamma Devi
next to Yercaud, north Salem

Sri Muthukumara swami - Cheyur

Website with images of jeeva samadhi and temples

53 Echil Porukki Arumuga Siddha

Thathpadha Adigalaar swamigal


Kannappa swamigal -

33 Padapoojai Ambalathadum Nagalinga swamigal
Ambalathadiyar madam, Ambalathadiyar madathu veedhi (near raja theatre), Pondicherry

Nirathisai Anandar
Gajapathy Lala Street, Krishnampet
Start from light house of marina beach road and go around 200 meters you will find vivekananda house, take immediate left road.This road is Dr.Beasnt road. Take second left in that road and take first right and go around 150 meters then you will find the jeeva samadhi temple at the left side.

Bhalchandra Maharaj

Raja Nara Hari Giri swami
(below his jeeva samadhi)

Sri Ramakka


Perumananda Siddha

9 Sambandamuurti swamigal
Location: Mouna swamigal madam, Thiruporur, Chennai

Narayana guru

93 Pattinathar
Pattinathar koil street, Thiruvottiyur, north Chennai

Siddha Peer Saab


50 Ramanuja
Ranganatha temple (main entrance directly to the right), Srirangam, Tiruchirapalli (Trichy)

Narayana Theertha

1 Saangu siddha sivalinga nayanar
Location: M.K.N. road, Guindy, Chennai

Appar swamigal
opposite sanskrit college, Mylapore, north Chennai

Sadai swamigal -

32 Akka swamigal
Vazhakulam, Pondicherry
(there is also a second jeeva samadhi in the temple by the name of Sri Narayana Paradesi swamigal)

Sadhu Chidambaram

18 Thangal Mouna Siddha -

Ramachandra Thirthar

Srimath Kasivasi Chidambaram swamigal

Sri la shi Ponnamala gnana Desika swimigal

87 Sarbasiddhar Adi Jivapidam Govindaraj Nakar Mangadu -

94 Appar -

Kaarai siddhar


Vellai Anandha Swami
Near Tiruvannamalai
Image 1 / Image 2

57 Shri Kuzhandhaiyanandha Swamigal -

Sri Jnaneswar

45 Sri Vijayeendra swamigal
Solaiappan street (near Sarangapani temple), Kumbakonam

Sorakaya Swami

34 Sri Ram Paradesi swami
Arumparthapuram, south of Christ college of engeneering, Pondicherry

Sri Sridara Ayyaval

35 Sivaprakasa Karab swamigal
Nallathur (west Embalam), Pondicherry

9 Subramani swamigal
Location: Mouna swamigal madam, Thiruporur, Chennai

65 Sri sadhu swamigal
North of the Murugan temple in Palani on giri street

Sri Sureshwaracharya

Subbaiyah swamigal
18kms from Dhindivanam,Before Thirukazhmkundram Siva temple you will find petrol bank in your right adjacent to that that is the Jeeva samadhi temple in the main road, when u come from chengelpattu via thirukalukundram.

91 Appudu swamigal
next to Vallalar temple, Pattinathar koil street, Thiruvottiyur, north Chennai

5 Thavathiru Nagamani Adigalar
Location: Kandan Chavadi, Chennai

10 Aalavandar
Location: Nemmeli (near kovalam), south of Chennai


Gurulinga Swamigal -

54 Vaduka natha

4 Ambalavana swamigal -

3 Thadikara swamigal
Location: Thadikara swami koil street, Alandur, Chennai

Appa Paithiyam swami - Suramangalam

Sri Eswarapattar Swamigal Maha Guru -

Ethiraja raja yogi
Location: Karanaipuducheri village via Oorapakkam. 7, Mariamman Koil street Karanaipuducheri.

Appa Paithiyam swamy - Salem (Suramangalam)

Mouna swamigal

Bagyalinga - Vadapalani siddhar


Arumuga swami

Sri La Sri Avadhoot swamigal - Chidambaram

Srimath Sadhananda Swamigal

21 Kukai Namsivayar -

Thirumuruga Kripananda Variyar swamigal (Kirupanandha)

21 Sri Sivananda swamigal

Guru Dakshinamurthy swamigal


Appudu swamigal -

Mahadevendra saraswati

Annai Neelammaiyar
Annai Neelammaiyar, NO : 31, old no 37/1, North Mada street, Thii.rumullaivoyal, Chennai 6000062 (behind the Maasilamaneewarar Sivan temple)

11 Malayala Guduvancheri swamigal
Location: Kasi viswanathar temple, Guduvancheri, Chennai

Raghavendrar swami - Mantralayam, andhra pradesh

Srichandrasekarendra saraswathy swami
Inside sankara madam near to ekampareshwarar temple,kancheepuram.

Veerama munivar


Thavathiru Veera Subbaiah Swamigal Madam, 52, Perambur barracks road, Vepery, Chennai .Ph: 26691475.

92 Mounaswamigal Ambattur
OTNo.52,Mouna Swami Madam street,ambattur OT,chennai-53.Inside amdattur OT bustand two roads will be going take the left road .this road is muona swamigal madam street.Go around 300 meters then you will find the 52 inside the house at the left end is the samadhi temple.

sri Sivananda Paramahamsar

Arul Nandhi Sivachariyar

Siddha Surya Narayan swami - between Vadagara and Thalassery

Maatananda swamiji

Chattampi swamikal

Govindapuram Bothendral

53 Milagai Siddha

6 Subramanya Dasar -


Brahmasree Neelakanta Gurupadar

Sri Sathru Samhara Moorthy swamigal - Annavasal, NE Pudukkottai


29 Shri Raghothama Thirtha -

Siddha Theringana Sambandhar - Chidambaram

Vaithyalinga swamigal

Sivaraja Yogi Ayya swamigal

Siddha Umapathi Shiva swamigal - near Chidambaram

Sri Reddiapatti swamigal
contact phone: 9840130035/ 9841748757

Click on picture for more information

Venugopala swamigal

Suruli swamigal -
From TRICHY CENTRAL BUS STAND travel to KEERANUR BUS STAND, Then take bus which goes to UPPILIYAKUDI and get down at SURULI SWAMI TEMPLE.

33 Thengai swamigal siddhar
Near Villiyanur Railway Gate, Puducherry (old Pondicherry)

Sri Siddhar Vathiyar ayya swami

Shivananda swami


Swami Shankar


33 Sri GuruSwamy Ammal Swamigal
Viluppuram Road, Ariyur, Puducherry (old Pondicherry)

33 Sri DatchinaMoorthi Swamigal
Viluppuram Road, Pallithennal, Puducherry (old Pondicherry)

33 Sri Kambali Yaznathesika Swamigal
Thattanzavadi tholirpettai, Puducherry (old Pondicherry)

33 Sri Kathirvel Swamigal
Brindhavanam 3rd Cross Street, Puducherry (old Pondicherry)

33 Sri Sakthivel Paramanantha Swamigal
Karamanikuppam, Puducherry (old Pondicherry)

33 Sri Thollaikathu Swamigal
Manakkula Vinayagar Temple, Puducherry (old Pondicherry)

Sri La Sri Durgai Siddhar
Jay Durga Peetam , About 20 km from Tambaram on Padappai-Orgadamkootroad road Kanchipuram highway. (2 km from padappai ) 601301 - opposite side off jamaai ice cream factory

49 Loudes Xavier -


Arunachalar ayya -

Parama Gnana Gurubhiran Ayyanpatti Sankara Swamigal

Navalar Gangadhara Desika swamigal -

Om Sri Sivamauna Kulandaivel swamigal

Sri Vannara paradesi swamigal

Ramalinga swami

Alangudi Periyava




Paramahamsa omkara KK Nagar

Trivikrama Ramananda Bharathy swami

Gunangudi Masthan Sahib

Ponnayiram swami

Viboothi Baba

Subramaniya Siva

Shri Dhanwantri

Thayammaland Muthukumara swamigal temple

Sri Vijaya Gopala Jothi Swamigal Pirunthavanam Jeeva samadhi temple

Valmiki Maharishi (some belief he is one of the 18 siddhars by the name of Vaanmeegar siddhar)

All the 18 siddhars of Tamil Nadu and the 84 Maha siddhars have their own Jeeva samadhi's. Some of them just like the 16th Karmapa have reached the state of rainbow body but still entered jeeva samadhi.

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18 Siddhars Jeeva samadhi's

84 Maha Siddhars Jeeva samadhi's

Many of the best and strongest jeeva samadhi's however have no images available at all. It is always clear that there is more going on in a temple then just the structure when you enter a jeeva samadhi area. One of my most amazing visits was the Thayal Nayagi Udanurai Vaitheesaran Koil in Poonamallee, to the west of Chennai. I must have been crying there for over 4 hours as the energy was so overwhelming and I could not leave the place. I have not included the jeeva samadhi's of those temples as there are no pictures available of the saints but only the temple itself, but let it be said that some of those places when visited will leave an unforgettable deep impression or insight behind that no words or images can ever describe.

Thayal Nayagi Udanurai Vaitheesaran Koil

Hopefully those temples that do have images and are not included yet, will be added in the future, but for now please enjoy the blessings that will be bestowed upon you by just looking at their pictures and receiving their blessings.

Om nama Shivaja