NAME Score Score (higher = better) Adaptogen Testosterone vasodilation Orgasm
L-Dopa -
Sperm production Erection strength multiple orgasm delay ejaculation
Ashwaganda (Withania somnifera) 2 only works a little because it reduces stress. Partial effect on estrogens. xxxx x       x          
Bulbine Natalensis 1 Steroid - bad on liver, kidneys etc   xxxx       xxx          
Bissey Nut (Kola nut) 3 Contains Caffeine           x     x x  
Cistanche Stem 8 Protects the kidneys. Similar to Ginseng           xx     xxx    
Casimiroa edulis 8             xxxx       xx xxx
Cinnamon Bark 2 Anti-Diabetic         xx            
Cnidium Seed 7

Natural viagra and very healthy for the liver and reducing fat. It does not increase blood vessels or flow

  x             xxxx    
Cuscuta Seed 7                 xx xx   xxx
Cordyceps 7 Very good in combination with Epimedium xxxx         x   xxx xx    
Cornus Fruit 3           xx     x      
Cynomorium Root 7             x     xxx    
Catuaba 8 Contains Yohimbe       x   xxx     xxx x  
Curcumin 4 anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetic. Should be taken with piperine. nitric oxide supplement     xx   xx       xx x  
Chlorophytum Borivilianum (Safed Musli) 9 Almost as good as Viagra xxxx         xx     xxxx    
Clove syzygium aromaticum 5 increases sex drive           xx          
Damiana leaf 7   xx         xx       xx x
Deer Antler 9           xxxx xxxx          
Dong Quai (Angelica sinensis) 9 Best Female herb         xx xxx       xx  
3,4-Divanillyltetrahydrofuran 5 Divanil binds with very high affinity to sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), which will increase the concentration of free testosterone. Problem is that it also elevates estrogen levels with all its negative effects on males.   xxxx       xxxx          
Epimedium Sagittatum leaf
Horny goat
9 Testosterone booster. Needs Cordyceps to work better. xx   xxxx     xxx     xx xx  
Eucommia 3 Very healthy but not really interesting as a libido enhancer x   x   xx            
Eleuthero (Siberian Ginseng) 6 Similar but less potent then other ginseng xxxx                    
Eurycoma Longifolia (Tongkat Ali) 8 remarkable anti-estrogenic effects   x       xxx   xxx xx   xxxx
Fadogia Agrestis 8 Possible increase in lipid peroxidation associated with damaged cell membranes. Need to take Chia seeds to protect from this damage.   xxxx       xxx     x xx xxxx
Ferula Assa-Foetida 5             xx     xxx    
Fenugreek seed 8 Anti-diabetic. Natural Telomerase product and it increases milk production.   x   xxx   xxx          
Galangal (Laos) 5 Similar to ginger   xx     xx x          
Ginko leaf 3 cognitive enhancer and protector. Nitric Oxide increase     xxx   xx       xx    
Huanarpo macho 8             xxx   xx xxx x xxx
Hygrophila 7 The seeds are known to increase libido and are beneficial in treating spermatorrhoea           xxx   xx      
Iporuru 6 used in combo with ayahuasca a lot.         xx x          
Kava 2 anti-anxiety and pro well being                      
Kali Musli (Curculigo orchioides) 6 Not as good as safed musli xx         x       x  
Ligusticum 5 Female herb         xx            
L-Carnitine 5 Anti-aging           xx   xxx x    
L-Arginine HCL 5 increases nitric oxide. Only interesting if you have blood problems     xxx   xx         xx xxx
L-Lysine 1 Does not do much                      
Maca (Lepidium meyenii)
Black MACA best
10 It does not work through hormones, and does not increase testosterone or estrogen.       xxx   xxxx   xxxx xxx xxx  
Myristica fragrans 6             xx          
Muira Puama 7 Potency wood           xx     xxx    
Montanoa tomentosa 9             xxxx   xx   xx  
Mondia whitei 9         xx   xxx   xxx xxx xx  
Mucuna Pruriens (Velvet bean) 5 not really effective   xx         xxxx xx      
Nettle root 2 Does not boost testosterone! Does protect the prostrate       x             x
Noto Ginseng 4           xxx            
Oat herb / Avena sativa 2 Not effective                      
Pipali fruit 6             x   x     x
Pine Pollen 8 Take in liquid form - stays better this way. Anti-aging   xx       xxxx          
Paeonia Lactiflora 7 Female herb         xx            
Quebracho 7 All benefits are from the Yohimbe that is part of Quebracho     xxx xx x       xxx    
Quercetin 2 Found in apples and onions, a bioflavonoid similar to Cafeine. Lowers Cholesterol and protects neurons. Anti-oxygent for the testes, protecting testosterone levels   xx                  
Red Ginseng 7             xx     xxx    
Shilajit 6 Very powerful but contains iron (unhealthy)       x   x     x xx xxxx
Suma root (Brazilian Ginseng) 6   xxxx         xx     xx    
Saw Palmetto 3 Increase testosterone and protects the prostate. It actually has pro-estrogenic effects, bad for libido.   xx   x             x
Satureja khuzestanica 5     xx       x   xx   x  
Sarsaparilla 4     x       x          
Schizandra Fruit 3 nitric oxide and anti-anxiety. xxx       xx       xx    
Terminalia catappa 7             xxx   xx     xx
Typhana Capensis (Bangalala) 7       x   xx xxxx     xxx    
Tribulus Terrestris 9 No testosterone influence!       xxx   xxxx     xxxx   xxx
Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa 4 this herb is toxic. inhibit the enzyme PDE-5           xx     xxx xxx  
Yohimbe bark 9 Yohimbine works by increasing adrenaline levels in the body, as well as inhibiting a regulatory process in fat cells, which normally suppresses fat burning.     xxxx xxx xx       xxxx    
Zinc Aspartate 8         xx       xxxx   xx  
NAME Score Score (higher = better) Adaptogen Testosterone Blood
L-Dopa -
Sperm production Erection strength multiple orgasm delay ejaculation

-- -- -- -- -- -- --

Eternal Jing

Eternal Jing is composed of herbs that have a powerful Jing tonifying effect on the body. This formula supports a variety of rejuvenation processes. Burning the candle on both ends? If you want to extend your candle life, this formula is as close as you can get in terms of replenishing pre-natal Jing. Replenish Jing lost from stress or mere living. Experience the re-birth of profound energy.

Ingredients: Deer Placenta, Goji berries, He Shou Wu (Polygonum multiflorum) root, Eucommia bark, Dendrobium stem, Cinnamon bark

Placenta - Because of its role in nurturing new life, Placenta is considered to be the most profound substance for replenishing Yin and Yang Jing and blood. It is also considered to be a major Qi tonic. It is the dominant ingredient in many of the greatest "restorative" formulations, where quick and powerful replenishment is required. This Placenta is prepared by high-technology pharmaceutical factories to assure purity and cleanliness.

Goji Berry This super tonic fruit is very widely used as an excellent Yin Jing and blood tonic. Regular consumption of Goji is traditionally believed to promote cheerfulness and vitality. Goji is also said to brighten the eyes and support healthy eye function. It is said that Goji strengthens the legs and benefits sexual function. The Goji berries used to make this product are wild crafted in the foothills of Heaven Mountain.*

He Shou Wu (Fo-Ti) - By virtue of its ability to accumulate tremendous quantities of qi into its root, this herb can tonify organs and nourish blood. He Shou Wu is not a stimulant. However, it is one of the greatest energy tonics known to mankind. It has a very mild sedative, just enough to calm the nervous system.* That is the magic of this great tonic herb, and its action is cumulative. He Shou Wu helps maintain the strength and stability of the lower back and knees. It is used to maintain a youthful sexual drive. It is widely used in Asia to maintain the youthful condition and color of the hair. It has potent antioxidants with gentle actions in the liver and the eyes.* Its strength partially comes from its remarkable ability to support and maintain the healthful cleaning functions of the kidney and liver, which in turn support the blood.* It has also been found to support healthy adrenal gland functioning.

He shou wu has a moderate estrogenic effect, meaning it mimics the effect of the hormone estrogen in women.

Eucommia is believed to confer strength and flexibility to the ligaments and tendons. It is often used by martial artists, yoga practitioners, Qigong practitioners, and other athletes. Eucommia is the bark of a temperate zone rubber tree. The older the tree and older the bark, the more potent the tonic effects of this herb. Most Eucommia bark used in the market is just a few years old. Dragon Herbs uses only bark that is from trees older than 15 years of age.

Dendrobium stem - This variety of Chinese orchid is an excellent Yin Jing tonic. It is said by Taoists to quickly and effectively replace spent "adaptive energy." It is used in the Orient by those who engage in a lot of sexual activity to replace the spent energy and to replenish fluids; and thus it is commonly called "honeymooners herb."


Jing Formulation is a powerful primal essence formulation. It is suitable for those who require maximum restoration of essence after challenge or old age. It is also excellent for men and women who wish to replenish their Yin Jing, primarily.   Jing Formulation tonifies Kidney essence (Yin and Yang), builds Blood, and tonifies Qi. 

Ingredients: Dendrobium, Chinese Asparagus root, Rehmannia root, Astragalus root,  Eucommia bark, Cornusofficinalis fruit, Codonopsis root, Ophiopogon tuber,  Phellodendron bark.

Pearl Shen

Duanwood Reishi Mushroom  - Over two thousand years ago, Shen Nong said of Reishi Mushroom: “Its atmospheric energy is neutral, it has no toxicity, it is good for the Qi (functional activities) of the heart including mental activities, it tonifies the Spleen, increases wisdom, improves memory so that you won’t forget, long-term consumption will lighten your body, you will never become old, it lengthens years, it has spiritual power, and it develops Shen so that you become a “spirit-being” like the immortals.”

Reishi is a superb anti-stress herb. Throughout history it has been used to bring balance into the lives of people who needed help in this department, and that means most everyone. Deep in antiquity, "The Herb of Spiritual Potency" was routinely used by mountain hermits, monks, Taoist adepts and spiritual seekers throughout Asia because it was believed to help calm the mind, ease tension, support the nerves, memory, concentration, focus, will power and, as a result, help build wisdom. The people of Asia have never lost their faith in Reishi. They believe more than ever in Reishi's power to improve the quality of life by supporting the inner life of a human being. 

  Micro-Ground Pearl Powder  - For centuries, Chinese texts have credited ground Pearl Powder with the ability to relieve uneasiness of the heart and mind. This ability to stabilize uneven emotions is known as Shen stabilization. Ground Pearl Powder is a profound Shen stabilizer. It is among the elite substances of this type known. Micro-ground Pearl Powder (“levigated”) can relieve uneasiness, nervousness, anxiety and tension associated with occasional stress. Consistent use helps a person maintain their energy and vitality. It is an ideal Shen tonic.

 Polygonatum Sibericum Root  - Polygonatum is believed to be rejuvenating to the mind. It replenishes energy that has been drained due to overwork, over-thinking and stress.

 Albizia Flower -  Albizia Flower is a wonderful Shen tonic. The flower of this exotic tree is especially famous among the Chinese for use when one is experiencing occasional emotional problems such as a broken heart and the experience of loss. The flower of Albizia is calming and improves mood. It helps with anxiety, occasional insomnia, irritability, anger, forgetfulness, worry, etc. It is commonly used for any emotional upsets. It has a wonderful Shen lifting (mood supporting) ability. It is one of the best herbs to use for people who are mildly depressed (if you are seriously depressed, see a physician) or angry. (Severe chronic depression and despondence are medical conditions that require medical attention).   

Spirit Poria  - Spirit Poria is a very good Shen tonic herb. It is the central part of a mushroom that grows on the roots of aging pine trees. It was used by Taoists and has been held in the highest esteem by spiritual seekers. It is believed by the Taoists to have a very special power to lift Shen and to help develop the Spirit. It is one of the major Shen tonic and Shen stabilizing substances and has acquired a special reputation for it overall emotional balancing benefits. By stabilizing the emotions, the true mind is able to develop fully, unhindered by emotional distraction.  

Zizyphus Seed   - Zizyphus Seed is one of the most commonly used herbs in Chinese herbalism. Being neutral in energy and mild in nature, it is the most commonly used herb in sedative formulas designed to help relax the mind. It is categorized as a heart-blood tonic in traditional Chinese health theory, therefore it is calming the heart, which is the Seat of Shen and which determines our emotional stability. In this formula, Zizyphus will ease the mind and will be helpful to those who are having nightmares. 

Licorice Root  - Chinese Licorice Root is a harmonizing herb that unifies the functions of the many herbs in this formula. 

Eclipta Herb  - Eclipta Herb is used in this formula to relieve tension that cause emotional imbalance. 

Polygala Root  - Polygala opens the internal path between the Kidney and Heart. Polygala harmonizes the energy of the Heart and Kidney by opening a channel of energy between the two organs, helping to dissipate fear and to promote the sense of wellbeing and the experience of love. Polygala, traditionally known as “the Will Strengthener,” helps strengthen Will Power.

Salvia Root  - Salvia Root cools the blood. It has the ability to stabilize Shen and reduce agitation.

Asparagus Root - Asparagus root nourishes the Yin, purges false fire, moistens dryness and stabilizes the emotions.  

Bupleurum Root  - Bupleurum relieves Liver tension, disperses blocked Qi and Blood, and reduces tension throughout the body.

Polygonum Stem  - Polygonum stem, the stem of its more famous root, He Shou Wu, is a powerful Shen stabilizing agent used in many formulas to calm the Spirit, and steady the mind. It has a smooth action and is very safe to use.*


Buddha's Yang

Cistanche Stem This herb is used to strengthen the yang energy, and is famous in China as a sexual tonic that was used by Chinese royalty and by Qi Gung practitioners. Cistanche builds deep strength and is quite revitalizing when used continuously for a period of time. It promotes healthy colon functioning. It is an excellent anti aging herb.

Epimedium leaf is widely known as a powerful Yang Jing tonic and sexual stimulant. Epimedium is widely known as "horny goat weed" because when goats eat it, they copulate. Epimedium supports healthy bones and joints. It is also known to be calming and relaxing. Recent research indicates that Epimedium helps to support a healthy immune system. Epimedium must be processed properly or it can actually weaken Yang energy. Dragon Herbs painstakingly processes its Epimedium leaves based on ancient and modern scientific principles.

Cinnamon Bark Chinese Cinnamon bark is a strong essence (Jing) tonic that promotes a healthy circulatory system and powerful internal energy. It is sweet and spicy, and has a hot energy. Cinnamon bark is said to increase the Yang energy and sexual vitality. The best Cinnamon bark in the world comes from Southeast Asia from trees where the bark is, at its best, over twenty years old. Dragon Herbs uses this powerful aged Cinnamon bark to produce Buddha’s Yang. Eucommia Bark Eucommia is a superb Yang Jing tonic, used to support a healthy back (especially the lower back), skeleton, and joints (especially the knees and ankles).

Cnidium Seed The small fruit is a superb tonic to the primal Yang essence and is thus used in many tonics for both men and women. It is widely believed in the Orient to be a superb longevity herb and an excellent sexual tonic. It is said to support healthy bones.

Cuscuta Seed is commonly used in long term tonic programs, often in combination with Cnidium seed. It is a gentle tonic for the Kidney Yin and Yang, and also helps nourish Qi. It helps the Kidney to consolidate the Qi. It is widely used to help maintain normal vision, nourish the sperm and marrow, and support healthy bones.

Cornus Fruit This sour fruit plays an important role in many tonic formulations designed to build Jing. It is thought to lock energy into the system and prevent the energy from 'leaking" out. This is an important function to those practicing internal forms of Qigong. It is a powerful Yin Jing tonic. It has yang qualities as well.

Cynomorium Root is considered to be a superb tonic to the primal Yang and is thus used in many tonics for both men and women. It is widely believed in the Orient to be a superb longevity herb and an excellent sexual tonic. It is said help maintain healthy bones. It is an excellent Yang tonic for women.

Schizandra Fruit is a famous tonic historically consumed by Chinese royalty and by Taoist masters. It is one of the few herbs that contains all three treasures. Schizandra is renowned as a beauty tonic and is considered to be a youth preserving herb. It is also said to be a powerful tonic to the brain and mind, and is believed in China to improve memory. It is also said to be an excellent sexual tonic when consumed regularly. It is said to benefit sexual functioning on many levels and to strengthen the whole body. The Schizandra berries are wild collected at high elevation from Changbai Mountain in Manchuria.