Deham states

Ramalinga described in his poems the phases of the transformation he was experienced:

1. The transformation of the mortal human body in the “Suddha Deham” or “Perfect Body”, that is achieved by means of Compassion and Devotion to God.

2. The transformation in the “Pranava Deham” or “Body of Grace and Light”.

3. The transformation in the “Gnana Deham” or “Body of Wisdom and Bliss”, the body of Supreme God.

Suddha Deham or Perfect Body:
In many poems Ramalinga speaks about how his impure body was transformed into a pure body constituted of pure elements.

“Oh, Lord of the Eternal Love! Only to bestow me on the Golden Body, You have melted with my heart. Being fused with me, oh Supreme Love, You have transformed my body with the Grace Light

Ramalinga affirms that, following the Divine Path of Truth and Purity, the most impure body will become a body pure and imperishable.
He described a “Principle of Light” that is the unique one capable of producing this first transformation. This Principle has two important aspects: Compassion toward all the beings -paropakaram- and devotional Meditation -satvicharam-. According to Ramalinga, the first of these aspects was the most important; if is acquired, the Grace will come easily. God is present in all the beings and all the beings are in God. Cultivating the human compassion for all the beings can be achieved the God's Grace (divine Compassion), similarly to the way in which a spark becomes a radiant Light.
Likewise he taught that it was necessary to develop another aspect of the Principle of Light: the ardent Devotion to God. The key is constituted by the constant thought on God, begging for his Grace. In one of his poems he expresses that is necessary to think incessantly on God, until be melted with the Divine Love. Then the crying happens unexpectedly and praises are sung to God, being produced in the disciple a smooth internal heat. Without knowing this secret, the yoguis have come carrying out ascetic practices with the only purpose of producing this heat (shuddi ushanam).
When this universal Love and this sacred Heat are realized, body and soul are prepared for the descent of the Grace in the shape of Light. When this happens, the material body constituted of impure elements is transformed into a “Body of Pure Light” that emits a golden brightness.
In another poem Ramalinga affirms that this Golden Body resembles to have approximately twelve years of age. Lacks physiological activities. It does not eat, does not digest, does not excrete, does not grow neither ages. Exteriorly it possesses a beauty full of grace and does not project any shadow. Describing in exquisite way the phases of the transformation of his body, Ramalinga says that dermis and epidermis have become extremely soft; all the nerves, muscles and tendons have slackened little by little; the bones, membranes and cartilages have become very flexible; the blood has coagulated; the semen has concentrated being solidified; the brain and all its parts have been opened like a bud. All over the body an Elixir flows; the face glistens; the respiration is smooth and refreshing; from the tear glands abundant tears sprout; the mouth is half-opened tremulous and the ears are filled of sweet melodies. The entire body is refreshed and all its visible parts flourish in ecstacy. The heart swells palpitating Love. The ego vanishes, as the emotional and mental defects. A tender, loving and compassionate quietude dominates all the organism. The ardent desire to receive the divine Grace overflows. The Supreme Love fills the body, which is the temple of the divine Life.
Ramalinga not only described his own experience but also the experience of all who are blessed with the Suddha Deham or Perfect Body. This is not affected by the five elements (earth, water, fire, air and ether). Its senses are capable of perceiving distantly and has the universal Knowledge. The time, the space and the rules of nature cannot limit it. It does not need of food, dream neither sex. Its body does not age neither can be hurt by any class of weapon. It enjoys the Power to create and destroy, being able to resurrect the dead and return the youth to the bodies of elders. It is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent.

Pranava Deham or Body of Grace:
Ramalinga described a subsequent transformation of the Perfect Body in the Pranava Deham or Body of Grace. As he affirmed, it can be seen but not touched. It seems a celestial boy of approximately five to eight years of age. It dominates all the siddhis or yogic powers. His descriptions on this state recall those made by Boganathar on Bala Murugan (Lord Murugan being a boy).
In one of his poems Ramalinga assures having experienced this transformation and evolved even more. By doing it, the Supreme Grace was manifested as total Bliss.

Gnana Deham or Body of Bliss:

Ramalinga explains how he realized the experience of the highest and ultimate transformation: the transmutation in the Divinity, which he described as the fusion with the Supreme God's Body. This Body of Bliss, or Gnana Deham, is omnipresent but imperceptible for the senses. In one of his poems he affirms that the Self not alone was so benevolent to be melted with his own sublime body, but besides led him to the highest State of Grace and Divinity, this is Suddha Shivam.

From the reported or recorded incidents of his life it is seen that Ramalinga could multiply his physical form at several places so as to be seen by the people in crowded gatherings, as near to themselves; he had the power to make his speech clearly audible equally alike to the distant and the near of his large audience (irrespective of the distance from him) without changing his tone or loudness. His body has become so luminous and surcharged with Light that all attempts to photograph him failed; nothing of his face and figure and limbs came out in the photo negative except the white cloth he wore. He cast no shadow of his body on the ground. He left no foot prints on the ground as he walked.
Ramalinga was covering up the whole of his body except face and feet by a white upper cloth. In the last part of his life his eyes had become so luminously powerful with the divine Light of Knowledge that he had to close one of his eyes and veil it up by the upper cloth possibly for some days. To satisfy the inquisitive disciples once he unveiled and opened it up when a dazzling splendour of Light poured out from the eyes and it was seen to be more dazzling than the rays of the sun. Ramalinga soon closed and covered it up again and expressed that they (the disciples) could not move with him in close quarters unless he so closed and covered one of the eyes. It is apparent that the two eyes opened together poured out intensely powerful and concentrated divine Light that might harm the unpurified and unreceptive people aroun him. He refers to both of his eyes as being favoured by the High Grace Light with the goodness or essence of Light to perform wonderful deeds of the divine Will. His personal attendant once fell into a trance of higher consciousness as he happened rather accidentally to see the eyes of his master just opening after meditative concentration and the attendant got up from the trance after four or five days, only to remain in mauna or silence, for several months continuously. That he could change by the mere look of his eyes non-vegetarians into vegetarians was well-known.
In any case the nature and greatness of the transformation of his body are beyond our comprehension. Ramalinga said to his disciples in all humility that the details of the this transformation were too many and special that God would reveal them openly in time, when the Path of Grace Light became effective and prevailed.