Plant Medicine Darshan

Jari Rorn (better picture here)
(energy towards full awakening, centered in the throat chakra and fully open above)

Tuwe - Kaxinaw√° tribe, Acre, Brazil
Ayahuasca (energy towards full awakening, centered in the 3rd eye spiraling out)

Spring Washam (Ayahuasca with Buddhism)
Ayahuasca (energy towards full awakening on 3rd eye and crown chakra, but due to Buddhism also grounding)

Mapuche Indian women
(Kundalini fully open and centered in between the heart and the throat, also very balanced: grounding and open above)
(Datura, sorcerer's tree fruit and similar)

Mazatec Indian (Salvia Divinorum and Psilocybin and psilocin mushrooms)
Kundalini fully awakened and centered between the throat and heart but very grounding

Hernan Vilchez, Huichol Guardians of Peyote (Mexico - masters of Peyote)
Peyote (Kundalini fully open and centered in the heart and radiating outward)

Piaroa shaman
Yopo (Kundalini fully open pointing up and down very deeply, centered just above the heart but much more vertical while peyote is much more horizontal.

Davi Kopenawa
elongata & Yopo (Fully awakened kundalini centered in the belly)

Bwiti Shaman Adumangana
Iboga (
Kundalini fully open and no specific center - everything is open including all centers and very deep and very grounding.
This is the most spectacular and amazing kundalini herb on the planet

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Combining all the plant energies you get this:

Chononita Fabian Ji (Piorkowsky)