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This is a photo taken after 6 hours of meditation in the jeeva samadhi Virupaksha cave where Ramana Maharshi meditated for over 17 years. The depth of silence is extremely deep inside this cave, similar if not deeper then the auroville sphere.

This is a photo taken inside the Thavasi cave of sathuragiri hills, south of Madurai where many famous saints and siddhars have meditated. The energy was extremely high, very much concentrated in the head and above.

This is the mirror that Vallalar used for meditation for over 15 years with only a candle light for making himself visible during night meditation. Again very high energy but concentrated all over the body.

This photo was taken in south India.

This is a very special photo taken inside the meditation basement of the jeeva saint Gnana Desikar, one of the most energetic places I have ever meditated.

This is a photo taken on top of the Kolli hills where the Pranavananda ashram is located and like many other locations such as with the Jains or naga yogi's, no clothe required. One of the most serene environments and energy I have come across in south India.

Some of the Meditation Caves at the Kanhangad Ashram that Nityananda and Balak Das Yogini used. Very powerful.

My stay with Chinnakunji Avadhoota Siddhar, south of the Koli hills.

Meeting with Rajapalayam Amma.

Received a healing from a siddhar doctor named Ayyah Singaraj Swamigal

My India trips started with the music Turiya Nada - cave of the siddhars. Well I finally met Rajaswami who was part of the making.

Off course it is not all happening in India with only Indian saints and masters. Here I joined a retreat with John de Ruiter that is also very powerful.

But most of the powerful places seem to be in India and Tibet. Above you find Pulippara - one of the the most powerful places in Kerala - south India. This is where Prabhakara Siddhar stayed in his last years - what a powerful place this is.

The Snake temple - Kerala. A very powerful place blessed by Valia Amma. If you ever go there make sure you visit Uma Devi Antharjanam. She gives darshans inside the temple.

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Below some photo's of our home where we come together for satsangs & darshans

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Here we are in our home with our EoE generator and Sri Balarishi who made everyone happy with her amazing mantras.

Below you find a clip of Balarishi performing a homa in our garden: