The EoE generator

The EoE generator is the core and home of all our EoE products. Each and every EoE crystal and system has been sitting on top of the EoE generator for at least 3 weeks to fully immerge in the energies and basically merge with the generator as to create a permanent link with it. The exact techniques used to accomplish this is difficult to put into words, like asking what is love or what is spiritual energy. The closest I can come to explain it is quantum entanglement where both the EoE product and the EoE generator become one. But as no one really knows what sentience (consciousness) is or life for that matter, talking about how spiritual energy can be experienced (sensed), stored and linked has no use.

So enjoy the images below and see if you can feel the energies by just looking at the images. You can scroll through them by clicking on the left and right arrows on the image