Frequently Asked Questions

Over the past couple of years many questions have come up about the EoE crystals and we like to answer them here.

For the spheres it increases quadratically the closer you get to the crystal. If you feel a certain energy sensation at 2 meter, it will be increased by 4 times at a distance of 1 meter. Some people can feel the large spheres already at a distance of 10 meters but this strongly depends on how sensitive the person is to energy. Generally you can say that the less stress a person has and the more open his energetic system is, the more sensitive he becomes to energy. A sphere with the EoE geometry under it will increase the spheres power by 50%. Pendants and crystal points work differently – around 20 meters vertical and 2 meter wide again depending on size and sensitivity of the person.

No, it will remain forever inside the crystal. Nothing you can do will effect the EoE, not even X-ray or other radiation treatment or Reiki cleansing symbols or other symbols or erasure programs such as the sanjeevini. Only melting or pulverizing the crystal will dissolve the energy. The EoE products are linked to the second generation kundalini generator which means over time the products will actually increase in energy and not loose it. If for any reason the generator would not be there anymore, or the linkage gets severed, the EoE energy will remain stable.

Yes and no. It will energise products but with a lower intensity and it will not remain in it forever because the link to the main EoE-generator is missing.

No it does not skip or bypass anything.

It will neutralise black magic, voodoo rituals, energetic symbols, programmed entities and any other outside influence or forceful energetic influence. Chemotherapy, radiation therapy and other medical and psychiatric treatments might also be effected. Because EoE gives life and chemotherapy kills life it might not be compatibel. Same for psychiatric treatments that are all aimed at numbing and suppressing life.

This is a personal preference. The sphere is more powerful and will do everything that the pendant does as well but with the pendant you also have the EoE energy with you when you are out of the house.

As EoE is not really an energy but more the source of energy you cannot overdose yourself with it. It is like saying you are too much alive. It is possible to get the feeling that there is too much kundalini activity in the body such as neck pains and if this is the case you can either choose to put the EoE away or stay with the feelings until it dissolves – keep in mind that anything that shows up with the EoE has already been there ages and finally you have a change to dissolve that.

Chakra’s come into existence because the granthi’s block the vertical energy flow. When the energy is deflected horizontally it is known as a chakra. When these blockages are dissolved, the chakra system naturally flips vertical and then you cannot talk about chakra’s anymore because there is only one big vertical energy vortex left..

Yes you can. Unlike most other strong energetic tools, the EoE makes it possible for the brain to enter the delta state when in rest that normally only happens in deep sleep where there are no dreams. In science it is known that this delta sleep, normally only 30 minutes long per night, is the most important and healing sleep there is for the body and mind. The EoE goes even beyond this delta sleep over time and creates a state called Ösel, otherwise known as the clear light state and is actually a very advanced level of consciousness. Do be careful though that the crystal, especially the VOGEL pendants, do not break while you are asleep and moving about.

No, it will peel of the blockages one by one, like peeling an onion and this process takes time. You will almost instandly be raised to a higher awareness so dealing with these blockages become easier.

The point is very fragile but if it chips off there is no problem, it will still work very effective. If it does breaks off, it can become very sharp as it is a real crystal and not glass so best is to bring it to a jewelry shop and adjust the point so that it does not sting you when you wear it.

Well the EoE crystal will almost instantly lift you to a higher life/energy state. The feed back we get from most people is that the pendant feels like a ‘buddy’, that they somehow feel supported by it. It gives a nice-lighten-up feeling in the Heart-chakra and the energy flows smooth. That is also what this new time is all about, to let go of the heavy luggage we carry, with ease and joy. Still it can happen, also later in time wearing the EoE pendant, that you feel pressure somewhere in your body or a kind of heaviness on your shoulders or in your energetic system, or maybe a headache. If this happens, it means that the kundalini did start to clean up a major issue found in your body, so you can take off the EoE pendant for a few hours/ day’s, so that your body has the time to process this with ease. Also you can stand with bare feet against a totally straight wall, looking forward and start to take a deep Breathe in, from the earth under your feet, take the breath through your feet, throughout your body up, through your head to the sky…..and breath out to your feet and earth again. Do this like 10-15 min or as long as you feel to. Just don’t put limitations with (mind) thought’s and expectations how ‘it should be’ using the EoE. Just be open and curious to receive whatever it is that it wil bring you : )

Personally I would not remove the amalgam fillings, but instead take Mimosa Pudica seeds and LifeExtension Se-Methyl L-Selenocysteine to get rid of the mercury in the body. Also Chlorella is a good option. Why do I say better not remove them because you damage your teeth even further and the new fillings will not last as long. Yes amalgam is not the best option for sure but you already have them. If you need a replacement of a filling, yes change it into non-metal.

Hormones are at the end of the cause effect chain. So balancing hormones does nothing to the cause. Normally the cause is food that we consume. Staying away from sugar, coffee, gluten and fried foods will solve a lot. Also getting rid of the free radicals by C60 or excersise will help a lot. Also Ayahuasca tends to lower testosterone so if you want to continue ayahuasca, balance it out with San Pedro otherwise your hormones will go out of balance. Do eat meat and fish though. Supplements to boost testosterone are not good. Also metally and emotionally a lot can be done to influence the hormones. It is more in the direction of mental and emotional stuff influencing hormones then the other way around. How to solve this, simple: I am having trouble with my hormones. Well who is the I ? Follow this I down to its source and let go. It is not done in 1 or 2 minutes, but when meditating on it all the answers will show up eventually. At least try this for a month without mental inteference in the form of viewpoints, but get rid of the viewpoint as well.

So quite some people have our EoE pendants for over 3 years now and mostly still wear it and feel like it keeps on helping them on the path. Like a relationship, you do get used to it and even miss it when it is not with you. I like to say it is like a spiritual guide that is helping you on every step you take, initially boosting you a lot but over time keep on lifting you up further into the process.

In the east there are two approaches to awakening the kundalini or awakening to the Tao. In Tibet and China the focus is on awakening the lower granthi (Brahma granthi - Xia Dan Tien) first and like a candle that is being lit the process is ignited to fill up and overflow upwards to the heart and later to the head bringing awakening and enlightenment. This is a tricky process as a lot of karmic shit can awakening that you all have to go through and if too much you simply cannot function anymore until that is dissolved. In India they found if you open up the Rudra granthi (Shang Dan Tien) first the problems of overload do not happen simply because of the reason that once you stop receiving blessing or meditation, the process stops. This is not the case when the Brahma Granthi is open. When that is open and you stop the meditation you are in trouble as the energy will not stop and keeps on pushing. So the EoE approach is to work on both ends equally so you do not have to meditate so much while the process keeps on going and at the same time making it milder by opening up the top equally to the bottom. So one does not feel the process as much as only the top or bottom. Disadvantage of this approach is that it sometimes feels too easy and people do not take it serious - as how can a crystal do this… So a long story short, if you want to follow the pure taoist approach, then Blessed you are is the pendant you want. If you want the easy way out, apatite is your pendant.

Place the pendant near the heart center, that is where it can do most of the work. All pendants work best abeam the energetic heart center. So you can wear it day and night but be careful wearing it at night as we had one person who broke the pendant during the night. Most people just wear it at daytime and some keep the pendant near them at night such as on the bed closet.

(answer from Litsa): Understand you totally, you are not the only person experiencing this boulder around the neck, also big(ger) people including myself, experience the same. (Now and than I can not wear it for a day or 2) In fact I have 2 girlfriends who are small who went also through this proces. To both of them the pendant feels like a ‘good friend’ or ‘buddy' As you are into this energie work, before sending the pendant back (the easy way) ; ) I suggest you try it out for a few days and see how it works for you. You can start to wear it to begin with for 3 hours daily building it up slowly to the whole day. In the nights you can put it on your bedside table, so you and your energetic body system can get used to it. After a few day’s you decide if you want a smaller one. But I should say: Give it a try! And feel what it does, without judgement. In time when the EoE pendant is working deeper on you, it starts to feel lighter. But it needs time. Another thing what will help you in the beginning is to put it on a leather string. It will feel so much lighter already than a chain pressing into your neck. You can take all this above under consideration and make a choice which feels good for you. We do have smaller ones, also the sphere’s: Buddha Touch and Blessed You Are or Self-empowerment are very powerful. But give it a try on a leather string for a few day’s!