EoE generator Images

Stage 1

The foundation - 5 cm thick labradorite plates

The EoE geometry

A very special center mineral, very grounding - Chevkenite

That's me working carefully around the center

The large Nephrite Jade center sphere

Completing the center of the EoE generator with very special high frequency spheres such as Natrolite, Scolecite and Kyanite with powerful green apatites and prehnites. The one in my hand is Charoite, another special mineral from deep Russia.

Center finished. Now the power generators, 6 large apatite spheres and 12 smaller blue ones around the center.

The grounding Tourmalines with garnet are installed

The uplifting large quartz with 3 large fire quartz installed

All the large spheres are installed

All the spheres are now installed including 12 special small minerals in the center ring (you can only see one in this image in a plastic box.)

The 4 pillars with Era of Enlightenment are installed

The only thing missing now are the raw specialized crystals and minerals on the outside ring.

All the rare raw crystals are placed around the outer circle and the double rudraksha chain is placed on the center sphere

Time to enjoy the EoE generator...

It will be trained close to 350 hours in the next few month of 2017 and 2018 to lift the energy up even further to complete the EoE system as envisioned. This way everyone who already owns or buys an EoE product gets the full power of it.