Chinnakunji Avadhoota Siddhar

Chinnakunji is a true living Siddhar living near Velampatty (30km east of Namakkal, TN)

Type this location inside google search to find her exact location: 11.182573, 78.379075

She lives at the moment at the foot of the kolli Hills, almost opposite of the Pranavananda ashram on top ( On the picture above you see the exact spot where Chinnakunji lives and on the background the Kolli Hills. She lives with a family who takes care of her as she cannot easily travel because in Tamil Nadu they do not except women to walk around naked. When she was young children trew rocks at her because she was without clothes, so yes also in India they can be cruel when you are free from all desire and fears.


Satsang with Chinnakunji at night next to the Kolli Hills with Edwin Johannes van Ouwerkerk with Prabu Karan and Hanny with the caretakers.

Sri Siva Sithar Saimathar Chinnakunji Amma, Rudhirakenga

Naga yogini siddhar

Naga yogini sadhu Chinnakunji Amma - a true siddhar, free from fear, hope, desire and belief.