Silence of the heart - Robert Adams

If you have never had the pleasure of reading Silence of the Heart, a compilation of Robert Adam's satsangs, it is highly recomended. Robert neither wrote books or gave lectures. In the end he had small gatherings in Los Angeles and Sedona, Arizona. His students transcribed these talks and many of them are available on the net. Our satsangs have no teachings are are in silence - one of the reasons for this is that the best teachings are already in book form called Silence of the heart.

Some quotes from the book Silence of the heart:

Think how many years you’ll be going through life, believing you’re a body, a mind, an ego. The situations you’ve been through. The agonies, the ecstasies, the dualities. You’re beginning to see now that all of those things belong to the I-thought, to the personal self, which is not really you. You are total freedom, having absolutely nothing to do with the personal self.
You simply have to ask yourself, “Who is this personal self? Where did it come from? How did it arise? How did it get a hold of me, and make me believe I’m human? That makes me feel I was born? And I have to die? What is this personal self? Where did it come from?”
And as you follow the personal self, the I-thought, you’ll begin to see it never existed. It was never born. It is absolutely nothingness. And you’ll become radiantly happy, full of love, full of peace.

I know there are many of you who like to go hiking, like to climb Mountains, like to become part of nature. That’s OK, but do not believe that these things are external from yourself. These things are yourself. You are That. When you question, “To whom does this come?” you again realize, “It comes to me, I perceive it.” Then you remember that you are not I. “I” perceives it. Yet in reality, you are not the perceiver. You are not the witness. “I” perceives it. “I” is the witness. This is a very important point, and I want you to understand it because it can change your whole life. Whatever you see in the world, you are to realize that “I” perceives. But do not look at I as being the self. You have to catch yourself and say, “I” perceives. This does not mean that you perceive it. It is “I” that perceives it. When you separate yourself from the I, all is what? Consciousness. It is only when you believe that you are I, that your humanhood comes into play. But as soon as you perceive that I is the universe, you have separated yourself from I. And then Consciousness comes into play, you have awakened. In other words, when you can separate from your I, you will be awakened and liberated.
Play this game every day. Whatever you see, whether it is your body or your mind, or other people. When someone does something to you that you don’t like, the worst thing you can do is react. Can you see why, now? Because when you react you are affirming your humanhood and your ego becomes stronger. But when you no longer react, the ego becomes weaker and weaker and weaker. The I and the ego are the same.

The world appears very strong. People appear very real. Some of us always seem to get involved in all kinds of situations. Yet take a look at your life and see why you get involved. Honestly look at yourself. Do not be afraid to see yourself. See the things you do, the words you say, the thoughts you think. And you’ll see why you’re not making too much progress.
Now, if you really want to make progress, you will drop everything mentally. Remember when I speak of dropping everything, I’m not referring to your quitting your job, moving to India, stopping reading books, or watching TV. I’m not referring to this really, if that’s what you want to do. I’m referring to mentally letting go of your reactions to whatever is going on in your body and the world.
Leave the world alone. Leave people alone. Do not try to change people. Or to make them see your point of view. There is no point of view. Every point of view is wrong. We want to get rid of points of view.
You have to sincerely want to awaken. And I kid you not, to awaken is simple. You just have to give up everything mentally. That’s all. And consider the fact that everything is consciousness. Everything. No thing is as it appears. This includes yourself.

The no-mind state is where you come from practicing to the place in the Silence where there are no thoughts to bother you any longer. You get there through Self-inquiry. That’s the fastest way. But that’s not Self-realization. Self-realization is when the mind is pulled into the spiritual heart. Liberation, moksha, Self-realization, is when the mind that’s left over in the silence is pulled completely into the spiritual heart. At that time the whole mind, the I, dissolves completely, and you are free. So the no-mind state is a very high state. It’s a state of bliss, but there’s still somebody left to experience the bliss. When the bliss is pulled into the heart, there is no one left to experience anything. Therefore, you no longer say, “I’m in the no-mind state.” At that time there is nothing to say.

Robert Adams