Quartz and their names

Here is a list of some of the names given to the most common mineral on earth, Quartz - so do not be fooled:

Azeztulite (I paid $350,- for this one from heaven and earth jewelry (the founders of this mineral). Well the truth is that there is no such mineral as Azeztulite, it is a made-up name for ordinary quartz (the most common mineral on earth). It is just energised by someone. Satyaloka quartz same story, it comes from the oneness university school in Tamil Nadu, southern India and the originators put diksha energy in them.

Moldavite: Even though it does contain some nice energies, it is just green glass from southern Bohemia due to the impact of a meteorite in Bavaria (Ries crater) 15 Million years ago. So not a crystal and will not be part of this list. Dominus Cervix does a much better job in energising glass then what is found in Tektites like moldavite.

Here is a list of some of the names given to the most common mineral on earth, Quartz - so do not be fooled:

(bold are the most familiar ones and green is technically not a quartz but same chemical layout and italic is something extra inside quartz)

Agate Cactus Quartz Ice quartz (Nirvana quartz) Quartz
Agnitite Canary stone Illuminite (with calcite) Quetzalitztli
Ajoite (inside quartz) Cape May Diamond Indochinite (glass) Quartzine
Amarillo Stone Capped Quartz Irghizite (glass) Rainbow Obsidian (glass)
Amazez Carnelian Iris Agate Rainforest Jasper
Amberine Cathedral quartz Iris Quartz Rathbunite
Amegreen Celestial quartz Irnimite Revelation stone
Ametrine Chalcedony Ivorite (glass) Riband Agate
Amethyst Chert Jasper Ribbonstone
Amphibole quartz Chinite (glass) Jacinto de Compostela Quartz Snowflake obsidian (glass)
Amulet stone Chrysojasper Fake Jade (Chinese quartz) Rock Crystal
Anandalite Circle stone Keatite Rose quartz
Andara (glass) Citrine Keystonite Chalcedony Rosophia (mainly quartz)
Angel aura Clear Lake Diamond Kinradite Rutilated quartz
Angel phantom quartz Cloud Agate Konilite Russian Red Quartz
Angeline Coesite Laguna Agate Sagenite
Apache tears (glass) Conite Lake Superior Agate Sard
Apricotine Cotterite Laser Wand Sardonyx
Aqua Aura Creolite Lavendine Satyaloka quartz
Aquaprase Cristobalite Lazurine Satya Mani
Aqua Lemuria Cubosilicite Lechatelierite Sedonalite
Arkansas Candle Dallasite Lemurian seed crystals Scepter Quartz
Auralite Damsonite Lithium quartz Schwimmstein
Australite (glass) Darlingite Lodolite Seftonite
Aventurine Darwinite (glass) Mahogany Obsidian (glass) Seifertite
Azeztulite Dendritic Agate Mani stone Seriphos
Azurchalcedony Dragonite Manifest light crystals Shantilite
Azozeo Dreamstone Mecca stone Shiva Lingam
Azumar (mostly quartz) Dream quartz Merlinite Shocked Quartz
Azurchalcedony Diackethyst Mocha Stone Siberian blue
Babel-Quartz Dotsero Diamond Mogánite Sichuan Quartz
Basanite Dragonite Moldavite (glass) Smoky quartz
Bayate Empowerite Mook Jasper Snakeskin Agate
Bediasite (glass) Eisenkiesel Moss Agate Spider Jasper
Beekite El Doradoite Mt St Helens Stone Spirit quarz
Binghamite Elestial quartz Mutzschen Diamonds Star Quartz
Bikolite (glass) Ellensburg Blue Myrickite Stishovite
Billitonite (glass) Faden Quartz Nipomo Agate Super 7 (mainly quartz)
Binghamite Fancy Jasper Novaculite Suttroper Quarz
Bird's Eye Agate Fairburn Agate Obsidian (glass) Taconite
Bloodstone Fairy wand quartz Ocean Jasper Tangerine
Blue Lace Agate Fensterquarz Oil Quartz Tektite (glass)
Blue Quartz Ferruginous Quartz Onyx Tridymite
Botswana Agate Fire Agate Opal (not a crystal) Trigonic quartz
Brecciated Agate Fire Opal Oregon Opal Tibetan Black
Buhrstone Flint Owyhee (blue Opal) Tiger eye
Bull Quartz Fortification Agate Papagoite (inside quartz) Tiger Iron (mostly quartz)
  Fossil Agate Pastelite Titanium Quartz
  Fulgurite (glass) Peacock Obsidian (glass) Touchonite
  Gaia stone (glass) Pebble Unakite Jasper
  Georgiaite (glass) Petrified wood Vabanite
  Golden healer Phantom quartz Vitalite (mainly quartz)
  Gold Sheen (Obsidian) Picture Jasper Vogelaugenachat
  Goldstone (glass) Pietersite Vortexite (mainly quartz)
  Greenlandite Pigeon Blood Agate Wilkite
  Gwindel Plasma Xaga
  Hair Amethyst Plume Agate Xanthus
  Haytorite Portal quartz Youngite
  Heliotrope Prase Zhamanshinite (glass)
  Herbeckite Prasiolite  
  Herkimer diamond Pseudocubic Quartz  
  Holly blue Agate Purple Sage  

Below some examples of this list:




Aqua aura (manmade)







Gaia stone

Golden healer

Goldstone (manmade glass)

Herkimer diamond

Ice quartz (Nirvana quartz)

Fire quartz







Rose quartz

Satyaloka quartz

Satya Mani

Shiva Lingam

Smoky quartz

Super 7


Tiger eye

Ice Quartz – also known as Nirvana Quartz, Lemurian Scalar Quartz, Himalayan Ice Quartz


Trinitite is the glassy crystal residue left on the desert floor after the plutonium-based Trinity nuclear bomb test on July 16, 1945, near Alamogordo, New Mexico. The glass is primarily composed of arkosic sand composed of quartz grains and feldspar (both microcline and smaller amount of plagioclase with small amount of calcite, hornblende and augite in a matrix of sandy clay) that was melted by the atomic blast. It is usually a light green, although color can vary. It is mildly radioactive but safe to handle. In the late 1940s and early 1950s, samples were gathered and sold to mineral collectors as a novelty. Traces of the material may be found at the Trinity Site today, although most of it was bulldozed and buried by the United States Atomic Energy Commission in 1953] It is now illegal to take the remaining material from the site; however, material that was taken prior to this prohibition is still in the hands of collectors.