Kopie van Reiki Tummo een uitstekende kundalini
beschrijving van Irman Effendi:

What is Kundalini?

Kundalini is a Sanskrit word that means coil. Every human has Kundalini, however, in most humans the Kundalini lies dormant in the perineum, forming a 3½ circles coil. Although most people are not aware that the Kundalini exists, Kundalini is well-known by serious spiritual seekers. Most yoga (Yoga tradition here refers to the different spiritual paths that aim for Yoga (union with divine) as the final goal) traditions aim to awaken the Kundalini, because these yoga traditions believe that the Kundalini is the power that is required to attain the ultimate goal of spiritual achievement, the union with divine (Yoga).

Traditionally, it is believed that after being awakened, Kundalini will be able to remove the knots of the major chakras, cleanse, open and develop the chakras until they are fully developed into full-blooming lotus forms. By the time the Kundalini finishes opening, cleansing and developing all of the chakras, the core of the Kundalini will reach the crown chakra, the chakra at the top of the head. This is the time you attain the highest spiritual achievement —Yoga.

However, it is not so easy for someone to attain Yoga. First, it is very hard to awaken the Kundalini. Some people have spent decades of dedicated practices without being able to awaken their Kundalini. It is believed that only a few were really able to awaken their Kundalini. For those who were lucky enough to have their Kundalini awakened, the cleansing process of the Kundalini would still have taken decades. Kundalini requires years to cleanse, open and develop a chakra completely, and the process is done in a bottom up in sequential order. So, as the Kundalini starts at the lowest chakra and spends a few years at this base chakra, it will take decades before the Kundalini can start working at the crown chakra, the 7th chakra. In most cases, one will die before achieving the final goal of the process since the time required is too long.

Kundalini Awakening

People perform different exercises to prepare themselves for the Kundalini awakening. They may do special physical postures, controlled breathing exercises, meditation, chanting, etc to prepare themselves for the Kundalini awakening. Kundalini is a magnificent power, so that you have to be cleansed and pure enough before you are ready for its awakening. If you are not cleansed and pure enough and start working with Kundalini awakening, you will have serious problems and sickness after the Kundalini is awakened.

After preparing themselves for years, people will normally do special exercises to awaken their Kundalini. There were two very "common" techniques used in the past. The first one was called vase breath technique (kumbhaka in Sanskrit or rlung bumpacan in Tibetan). The other technique is called three locks or bandha traya. Those who were lucky and blessed enough may have gotten their Kundalini awakened after practicing one of these techniques for many years.

However, as the energy released from the Kundalini that has been awakened is so huge and unlimited, they may still experience different problems even though they may have done special preparations for years. So, the Kundalini awakening may not always be a pleasant experience.

Luckily, in this Age of Aquarius, or New Age, spiritual growth can be achieved much easier. As the Kundalini is also one of the most important factors for spiritual growth, Kundalini awakening can also be achieved much easier than in the past. Your Kundalini can be awakened instantly with the help of someone else. This method is called shaktipat and means energy transfer in Sanskrit . In this method someone uses her/his energy to help you awaken your kundalini (also called satsang, darshan, diksha, initiation) 

Kundalini Syndrome

First, it is important to know why Kundalini awakening may be dangerous. This is because the Kundalini is a huge and unlimited power. While it lies dormant, there is a shell holding all of this power within. The conventional way of awakening the Kundalini is by stimulating the Kundalini so that the shell can be broken. The Kundalini energy will also be able to open the nearest knot of the chakra, the knot of the base chakra. However, there is still no passage for the energy to go through along the sushumna and each chakra along the sushumna has a knot blocking the sushumna. Meanwhile, the awakened Kundalini energy is released continuously. As there is no passage for the energy to be released, the amount of energy within the body builds up creating stronger pressure, pushing everywhere. When the Kundalini energy presses against the stomach, for example, one will get stomach problems, if it presses against the chest it creates chest problems, and so forth (look at the 3 pictures above).

None of these problems will happen to a Reiki TUMMO practitioner or anyone else who makes sure of the following 3 points:

  • Opening your whole sushumna from the crown chakra (the top chakra) to the base chakra (the lowest chakra).
  • Opening all of the chakra knots along your sushumna.
  • Connecting you to the divine energy which automatically regulates the Kundalini energy within your body.

As the whole sushumna is already open and so are all the chakra knots along your sushumna, the freed Kundalini energy can be released easily from your crown chakra. Divine energy also envelops and regulates the Kundalini energy so that the Kundalini energy within your body is very safe. With Reiki TUMMO, your Kundalini awakening will not give you pain, only bliss.

Is it Kundalini?

Nowadays, Kundalini is a hot topic. Many people are talking about and practicing the Kundalini. However, you have to be careful because not every movement of energy along your sushumna or the heat at the lower part of your body or energy in your crown chakra is Kundalini.

The energy moving along your sushumna can be another type of chi. For example, if you are channeling energy or drawing some Reiki symbols at the sushumna, you will feel some energy movement at your sushumna. If you draw the symbols or channel energy to the chakras along the sushumna, the sensation will last longer as you have stimulated the chakra and there will be a lot of activity around that area. Heat from the lower part of your body can also be caused by the activity of one of your chakras, or your Kundalini may be stimulated, but not awakened yet. When you try to check the energy on top of your head, be aware that your crown chakra is located there. So, when you check the energy on the top of your head, you will feel the energy of the crown chakra.

How can you know whether the energy you are feeling or sensing is Kundalini? If your Kundalini is really awakened and the whole sushumna is already opened, you should be able to feel the energy around 1,5 - 2 meters (4,5 - 6 feet) above your head and you can feel that this energy sprays from the top of your head. If you make a cutting movement across the energy fountain, you can feel that you are cutting an upward flowing current. The best and most accurate way of checking your Kundalini is, of course, by using your Inner Heart. Only your Inner Heart knows the real truth. By using your Inner Heart, you will never get lost on your spiritual path.

Different Stages of Kundalini Process

Traditionally, there are four different stages in the Kundalini process:
  1. Awakening stage (arambha)
  2. Cleansing stage (ghata)
  3. Absorption stage (parichaya)
  4. Final stage (nishpatti)

1. Awakening stage (arambha):

Technically speaking, the Kundalini is considered awakened when the shell of the Kundalini is broken and so is the knot (granthi) of the base chakra, normally referred to as the Brahma knot as this knot is very close to the Kundalini center. stages

2. Cleansing stage (Ghata):

After the Kundalini energy opens the second big chakra knot at the heart chakra, the Vishnu knot, Kundalini energy can flow easier toward different parts of the body to do more thorough cleansing

3. Absorption stage (Pacihaya):

At this stage, the cleansing is done in different body layers.

4. Final Stage (Nishpatti):

When the Kundalini opens the third and last big chakra knot at the ajna (third eye chakra), called the Rudra, the person is only one step away from getting the crown chakra open. As the crown chakra opens, one will be able to achieve self realization, cosmic realization, and then Yoga.


Many people know about Yoga, yet don’t understand what Yoga is really about. The Sanskrit word Yoga has a clear definition. It is Union with the divine. However, knowing is different from realizing. Yoga is not about getting to the highest dimension or achieving the most. It is about returning to the Creator. As the Creator is the Mightiest being, there is no way you can get or sneak your way to the Creator without the help of the Creator.

Up there, there is a place called the Void because nothing exists there except true selves. The Creator and all of the true selves, including yours, are there. You and others are still separated from the Creator because the Creator is very pure while you and others are not. As the Creator is very pure, the light radiates continuously from the Creator. If you are trying to bring yourself closer to the Creator, you are actually pushing against the direct light radiating from the Creator. Of course, there is absolutely no power that can be used to penetrate or sneak through the direct light from the Creator. What you need to realize is that the light from the Creator is not simply light. It is love. The Creator loves each one of us completely. The Creator always wants to give the best, including to have us return to the Creator completely. All you need to do is simply to open your heart to receive the Love of the Creator and at that very moment you will be purified and brought closer to the Creator. The moment you can receive the Love of the Creator completely, you will return completely to the Creator. You will be HOME.


Most people do their spiritual practices with medium term goals to reach ascension, to reach the 4th, 5th or higher dimension. The concept is to ascend one or two dimensions higher until they reach the final destiny. However, if you decide to use this concept, you should know that it will never bring you to your final and ultimate destiny. First, you need to know how many dimensions you will have to go through. There are 365 learning dimensions plus other special dimensions. So, if you can ascend one dimension higher in 30 to 40 years, you will need more than 12,000 years to go through all of the dimensions. And this is still the good news. The bad news is that when you get to the highest dimension, you will not be able to go into the Void because only the true self is allowed to enter. Ascending through different dimensions is done in the form of intermediate consciousness, not as the true self.

And although you can finally shift into your true self consciousness, you will simply return to square one. Your true self and the true self of other beings are already in the Void this very moment and previously. Returning HOME is the journey for your true self. So, don’t worry about your outer layer, the physical body in the physical dimension. As your true self is already in the Void, it is the matter of your true self to return to the Creator to fulfill your ultimate destiny.


So, as the ultimate destiny is not about going to the highest place, but to return to the Creator, only the Love of the Creator can take you HOME. You have to receive the Love of the Creator and let the Love of the Creator work on you completely. The Love of the Creator is the mightiest power that can cleanse, purify and provide all of your needs in an instant. The Love of the Creator is the only power that can take you HOME.