Top 10 most powerful, non-toxic, easy to obtain affordable crystals


1) Angel wing Calcite

As the name implies, this crystal connects to the angel realm and fills your crown chakra with white light.
In the beginning I was skeptical about this one as it is ordinary calcite, but once I had it in my hands I recognized
that this is no ordinary calcite. This is an extremely high vibrational calcite of divine light.

2) Quartz

Now quartz is the most common crystal on the planet and Calcite is the second. Like Angel wing calcite above, there are
some quartz that are really nice as well. Herkimer Diamonds is one of them and faden quartz is another, however
these are expensive.

There are also many fabulous yet fake quartz types (fake in the sense that it is just ordinary quartz with special names such
as Anandalite, Azeztulite and Satyaloka quartz - and the added energy is from a person programming the crystal)
- more info on the different quartz names here : Quartz names

However, there are many quartz types like amethyst and citrine that feel great for the price you pay for it, so it deserves a
place in the top 10 easy to get cheap crystals that are energetic as well.

3) Apophyllite

This is the spiritual connection crystal. One of the first crystals I collected and was really fond of. It has a high vibration and seems to connect you the
spiritual domain.

4) Selenite (Gypsum)

This one brings in light and opens up the crown chakra, but at the same time protects the energy body. By just moving it around the body you can clear up blockages like an eraser.

5) Celestine

This is an angelic stone that will raise consciousness and is a great aid in meditation.

6 Orthoclase
huge block (my favorite crystal when I started collecting minerals and crystals back in 2000) When I visited Mother Meera back in 2000 in Germany there
was a small crystal shop nearby where I got my first orthoclase. I remember thinking, well this sounds technical but the energy is very strong, lets buy it. This was the starting
point of my collection.

It is a type of moonstone that helps to embrace the Goddess within. It is very soothing and tends to make you look through the eyes of a female body.

7 Adularia
(A more ordered low-temperature variety of Orthoclase)

8) Garnet

This is the kundalini crystal to bring the sexual energy up. Really nice for the size and power it has.

9) Amazonite

Very uplifting crystal that opens up the whole energetic system from the bottom up.

10) Pyrite

The stone of protection. A well known crystal but do not underestimate its power.

This crystal has a strong relaxing and calming effect. It just soothes the emotions and lets you accept life as it comes. It is one of the best crystals against depression.