18 Siddhars of Tamil Nadu

The first number corresponds to the list above and the second number is the location on this map. Those names in italic do not belong to the official list of the 18 tamil siddhars. Nandidevar as seen on the official list above should be located in Thiruvaduthurai however I have not been able to locate it yet, the temple only contains the deity Nandidevar.


45 Agastiyar Adi Kumbeswarar Temple, Kumbakonam
2   Agapaei (Nayanaar) Siddhar Yettakudi
3 44 Thirumoolar Komuteeswara Temple in Thiruvaduthurai (near Kumbakonam)
4 45 Sivavakkiyar / Nandi Devar ??? Masilamaneeswarar temple in Thiruvaduthurai (near Kumbakonam)
5 63 Bhogar / Boganathar Arulmigu Dhandayuthapaniswamy Temple, Palani
6   Kumbamuni (another name for Agastiyar) Kutandai (seems to be the old name of Kumbakonam)
7 6 Vamadevar / (Vanmeegar) Valmiki Ettukudi Murugan Temple in Nagapattinam
8 19 Idaikadar Arunachala temple, Thiruvannamalai
9 61 Sathaimuni / Sathainathar Thiruvedagam, west Madurai (west of Kodimangalam) & in the Ranganathaswamy Temple
10 43 Kamalamuni / Kamala munivar Thiyagarajar temple, Thiruvarur
11 59 Machamuni Kasi Vishwanathar temple, Tiruparankundram hill, Madurai
12 45 Konganar / Konkanar 2 Km from Gomuteeswarar Temple, Thiruvavaduthurai, east Kumbakonam
13   Pathanjali Brahmapureeswarar Temple - Thirupattur Trichy
14   Pambatti Sankaran Koil near Puliyankudi behind Gomathi Amman temple main road, opposite a petrol bunk. Second location next to Coimbatore in the Arulmigu Subramaniyaswami Thirukovil
15 57 Sundaranathar Meenakshi Amman temple, Madurai (Image of the exact location inside the temple)
16   Kuthambai Periya Koyil, Mayiladuthurai (Mayavaram), Tamil nadu
17   Karuvoorar On the southern side of Sri Kalyana Pasupatheeswarar temple, Karur
18 42 Goraknath / Korakkar Shiva temple, north Poigainallur (near Nagapattinam & Vadukupoigainallar)
19   Thanvanthri Vaitheeswaran Temple, west Pullirukkuvelur (At the back of Shiva sanctum sanctorum)
20   Pulathiyar Papanasam
21 55 Ramadevar (Yakub siddhar) Alagar malai (near Pazhamuthircholai Murugan Temple, 18 km north east of Madurai)

1) Agastiar Siddhar

Jeeva samadhi temple (Kumbeeswara-Temple)

2) Agapaei (Nayanaar) Siddhar - Not part of the 18 siddhars

3) Tirumoolar siddhar

jeeva samadhi temple (Masilamaneeswarar temple)

4) Sivavakkiyar / Nandi Devar


Masilamaneeswarar temple

5) Bhogar / Boganathar

Palani hill murugan temple - jeeva samadhi of Bhogar siddhar

6) Kumbamuni - another name for Agathyar Siddhar

Sri Aadi Vinayakar (human faced Ganesh) // Sri Kumbamuni Siddhar (Ganesh) // Agathyar Siddhar
Image taken in a temple in Kumbakonam (Kutandai is the old name of Kumbakonam)

70. Agatthiyar the one within,

You said you told us
Am I the child born for Kumbamuni?
You told me that you pacified, what will I do?
Siva sivā my guru Is it not to be mentioned?
His wisdom- what is its type
Is it silver or gold or is there something other than these two?
We praise you, My Guru!  The one who is within the heart
You will talk about this to Pulatthiyar.

This verse is Pulatthiyar’s part of the conversation.  He asks Agatthiyar whether he is Agatthiyar’s baby for him to pacify him.  He wonders about the nature of Konkanar’s wisdom.  He asks whether it is gold or silver or anything other than these two.  Silver and gold represent evolved states. 

7) Vamadevar / (Vanmeegar) Valmiki

Ettukudi Murugan Temple

8) Idaikadar

Back entrance of the Annamalaiar Temple - Thiruvanamalai

back entrance of the temple, at the cow shed

Jeeva samadhi of Idaikadar near the cow shed

9) Sathaimuni / Sathainathar

Sattainathar jeeva samadhi temple in Thiruvedagam

The second jeeva samadhi of Sattainathar is located in the Ranganathaswamy Temple (Inside Goddess Ranganayaki temple. As you enter the entrance, turn right and go around the deity's main place.)

10) Kamalamuni / Kamala munivar

Thiyagarajar temple in Thiruvarur

11) Machamuni Siddhar

jeeva samadhi on top of the Tiruparankundram hill in Madurai

12) Konganar / Konganavar

Jeeva samadhi - Thiruvaduthurai - 2 Km from Gomuteeswarar Temple

13) Pathanjali

Brahmapureeswara temple in Thirupattur 30 km from Trichy

Jeeva samadhi

14) Pambatti

Sri Pambatti Siddhar Jeeva Samadhi Peetam Sankaran Kovil

-- -- --

Arulmigu Subramaniyaswami Thirukovil, downstairs

15) Sundaranathar

Meenakshi Amman temple

Jeeva samadhi is located It is on the left corner from the signboard.

16) Kuthambai

Periya Kovil Jeeva samadhi - Mayiladuthurai

17) Karuvoorar

Pasupatheeswarar Temple - Karur

18) Goraknath / Korakkar

Goraknath jeeva samadhi temple north of Poigainallur

19) Thanvanthri

Jeeva samadhi

20) Pulathiyar siddhar - Not part of the 18 siddhars

21) Ramadevar (Yakub siddhar)

The trail is behind Raakachi Amman temple about 7 km trekking up hill to reach the jeeva samadi of Ramadevar.

Alagar Malai jeeva samadhi

None of the pictures of the 18 siddhars come even close to how they really looked like and it is very difficult to find real drawings as most of them were destroyed by time or were never made. However some are available and they are mostly naked as that is how they were in real life. Below you find some examples.

Sattaimuni siddhar (Sattainathar)

Sattaimuni siddhar

Old Pratima, At Gorakhnath Temple, odadar, Porbandar, Gujarat, India

Thirumoolar siddhar